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Saturn, the Most Daring Planet in our Horoscope! But it will Start Loving You, if you do these Easy Solutions for 45 days!

If you believe in astrology or have some knowledge about this subject then you will be aware the system of nine planets by the Hindu Astrology. Also, you must be knowing that how these planets affect a someone's Horoscope.

शनि की साढ़ेसाती + शनि की दशा + शनि अंतर्दशा + शनि वक्री = जिंदगी बरबाद। परन्तु इस योग से बचने का उपाये है। 

Today we will talk about planet Saturun out of nine planets. Saturn is considered as the most effective planet in any horoscope, if it is placed at the correct house of Jatak's horoscope according to Hindu Astrology. Sitting in a correct house, It will benefit faster but if it is placed inauspicious, it will ruin the life. 

We must be aware of Shani Sadesati and Shani Dhaya. These are the Saturn effects or we can say punishments for our old Sins in this Life only. Shani Sade-Sati gives more inauspicious results than Shani-Dhaiyya. But the Yoga that we are going to tell here is the most dangerous and worst.  

If someone's horoscope is having yog of Saturn SADESAATI plus Saturn DASHA plus Saturn ANTARDASHA and Satrun VAKRI means the life of such person will become hell and will be ruined completely. His house, family and the means of income, all will fall and will be finished.  Gradually, the mountain of troubles will be broken on him.

In such a situation, there is very effective and easy remedy to get ease in Hindu Astrology. 

For Saturn SADESATI wear horseshoe ring in the middle finger of right hand after uttering Shani Mantra on any Saturday. With this remedy, recite HANUMAN CHALISA three times a day for 45 days if caught with Saturn DASHA, ANTARDASHA and Saturn VAKRI YOGA.  The text of Hanuman Chalisa is considered very beneficial if a person is in the grip of Saturn. Recital of HANUMAN CHALISA should be in front of a particular Hanuman Picture else it will not be very beneficial. And that picture depicted SANJIVANI Mountains of Hanuman should be used. 

But why the selection of this picture is compulsory? Actually, the picture of Hanuman's Sanjivani mountains shows two things. First is that while doing this work, Hanuman is trying to remove the suffering of Shri Ram's brother and other monkey soldiers.

Second, while bringing SANJIVANI mountain by flying faster than air HANUMAN has proved the quick remedy for PRABHU RAM and his monkey soldiers.

if JATAK recites HANUMAN CHALISA daily, for a total of 45 days without leaving any day, the bad effect of Saturn will be overcome.

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