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Any Beggar can become Trump with these Planets, Find How?

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The planets of our horoscope are extremely helpful in preparing the direction of the future.

What will happen to us tomorrow or how many problems or achievements, we will face. All is written in your Horocope.

our Success and Failures

As per Hindu Astrology, Success and Failure, Defeat and Win is based on 9 planets. All these 9 planets in your horoscope are in the right direction and conditions, then Success will automaticaly come to your way whether you don't do anything.


If these planets are not suitable or Sitting in a right direction in your Horocope, Success will not be achieved until you do some peace ritual to please them as per Hindu Astrology.
9 Planets are Dynamic


These 9 planets of the universe are dynamic all the time, whose impact affects is moving and all the time of 12 months in different ways according to your Horoscope.

Acharya Chanakya

Acharya Chanakya, who has been considred very practival, also believed in these planets and their influence. He was a good strategist who also wanted to know the future.
As per Chanakya, Any beggar can become World's richest man if the combination of these planets is even and suitable to that particular horoscope. But the position of these planets are unfavorable, then they do not even save the King to becoming a beggar.

Planets Strength or Weakness

As per Chanakya, These planets of universe represent different scopes and regions. So, one must examining their horoscope planets strength or weakness before choose their career, then surely the person will never fail in his area.
Planet's fields 

So let us know which planet represents which area.


The sun is related to areas such as arts and science.


If Mars is good then one should make a career in the field of biology.


The effect of the strength of the Moon will be on the journey i.e. travel and tourism related.


If Jupiter is strong, then career in teaching will definitely give you success.


Venus is related to creativity. If the planet is strong then the person should choose a profession related to journalism, Public communication, Singing or Playing.


Saturn impacts on technology and mathematics related fields.

Education and Astrology!

Relations and Astrology

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