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Combination of Saturn and Moon in any House will bring Poverty and Badness!

The combination of Saturn and Moon is considered extremely painful for the Jataka. Saturn is infamous for its slow nature and the moon is famous for its fast pace. But due to Saturn's traits, the effect of planet moon will give you more sufferings. A combination of planet Moon and Saturn in any house during any conflict (Antradasha and Dasha) mostly attract bad energies which never gives you anything good. Saturn is the cause of slow motion, lameness, drunkenness,  Scarcity, very old house, bondage, imprisonment, chronic condition, etc. whereas planet Moon indicates woman, happiness, softness, the power of respect, success, etc.

A combination of Saturn and Moon create rare Ominous-yoga which is venoms and capable of destroying Jataka’s life. 

There are very strong chances of disability, mental illness, illusion, disease and bad marriage for those who is having Ominous-yoga in his horoscope.

Ominous-Yoga Examples
Ominous-Yoga is being created by chance through the planets of Saturn and Moon in person’s marriage cycle, then such a person physically feels extremely inadequate. He has to face tensions and humiliation according to a different house in his horoscope.

Ominous-yoga in First House
The influence of Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in this house will give negative effect in domestic life.

Ominous yoga in 1st house indicates body, therefore the battle of Moon and Saturn leaves negative effects. So, person will be suffering from diseases throughout of his life.

Ominous-Yoga in 2nd House
Similarly, if Saturn-Moon coincidentally creates ominous-yoga in the second house, then that person will be afflicted with financial crises throughout life.

Ominous-Yoga in 3rd House
Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in 3rd house will always reduce person’s fate and his pro-active approach towards accomplishments.

Ominous-Yoga in 4th House
Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in the 4th house indicates loss of happiness and maternal love.

Ominous-Yoga in 5th House
Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in 5th house is a loss of Intellect and discretion. Also, it may hit you by child loss sometimes.

Ominous-Yoga in 6th House
In the sixth house, there is an increase of enemies, Hostility, Anger and sicknesses.

Ominous-Yoga in 7th House
The coincidence of Saturn-Moon in the seventh house eliminates reconciliation between husband and wife.

Ominous-Yoga in 8th House

Age destruction is must in the eighth House.

Ominous-Yoga in 9th House
In 9th house person becomes ill-fated.

Ominous-Yoga in 10th House
This yoga decreases affection with father and loss of prestige.

Ominous-Yoga in 11th House
Ominous yoga in the 11th house increases possibilities of accidents and shortage of resources.

Ominous – Yoga in 12th House
While Saturn-Moon's fight in twelfth house is capable of making the life of the person miserable by increasing the expenditure more than income.

Well, this is the result of Shani-Moon ominous yoga. In the next article, we will discuss the measures to reduce the effect of this ominous-yoga

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