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Diabetes is probably the pleasantest of all chronic diseases. It is not so painful, distressing and contagious disease. If checked and treated early, it can be cured; still, people die of diabetes because of its uncontrolled complications. The main symptoms are excessive flow of urine containing sugar, and unusual thirst. Sugar is therefore prohibited to a diabetic patient in diabetes; the body is unable to burn up its intake of sugar, starches and other carbohydrates because of the absence of insulin in the body. This insulin is produced by the pancreas. In these circumstances, blood sugar accumulates in the blood-stream. It has been found and observed that a diabetic parent will give birth to a diabetic child and it is therefore, hereditary.

Women are the main victims of this disease than men. Diabetic troubles appear with the advance in age and increase in body weight. Obesity or growing too fatty is a danger signal to diabetic attacks. Cleanliness is of vital importance to them as gangrene of the toes and feet may develop diabetes.

Diabetes is practically a Jupiter disease because of the fact that Jupiter governs the liver. He is responsible for production of bile which is necessary for proper digestion of food-intake Proper function of liver is almost essential for burning up its intake of sugar, starches and carbohydrates. When the planet Jupiter if afflicted in Libra or Scorpio, diabetes appears in our body. A combination of Jupiter and Saturn is enough to cause disturbance in the function of liver which in turn causes diabetes, cirrhosis of liver.

The prescription for gems will be as under:
1. White coral in 7 Rattis plus Yellow Sapphire in 5 Rattis, on middle & 3rd finger respectively.

2. Pittambari Nila in 4 Rattis plus White coral in 9 rattis on Kamistha and madhyama respectively.

3. Diamond in 1 rattis on middle finger.

The gem white coral may be worn on middle finger and Pittambari Nila on little finger of either hands. It is guaranteed that these two gems can give the sufferer complete and quick relief. This will also prevent future recurrence of this disease. The patient may lead a normal life without any further trouble.
Asthma is a kind of heart disease. It is the most serious allergic disease and is one of the most fatal disease which gives the sufferer too much troubles. The bronchial tubes are narrowed by spasmodic contractions and they secrete an excess of mucus which makes breathing almost difficult. The victim always wheezes and coughs. A patient cannot sleep at night peacefully- this is their main trouble. An asthmatic attack may last for minutes, hour or days. It is said that an asthmatic parent will give birth to an asthmatic child and therefore, this is practically a hereditary disease. It is a most chronic type of heart disease. The heart is a hollow muscle that pumps or circulate blood through the blood vessels in all parts of the body at the rate of about 4000 gallons a day. It is about the size and shape of a clenched fist located in the chest between the lungs, just above the diaphragm.

Astro-pathology is a distinct branch of astrology which deals with diseases. The fourth house in a birth-chart rules over the heart, chest and lungs. It is said that the Moon governs the heart. The fifth house of the Zodiac i.e. Leo plays a great part in causing this disease. It is also confirmed that Leo rules the heart, spinal cord and arota. The sign Leo is a fiery and hot sign and if any fiery or hot planets be posited at the birth-chart in Leo, the native will get asthmatic tendencies. Mars is a fiery planet and when afflicted in Leo, it causes overheating of the blood, produces animal heat in the body and gives heart-pain, suffocation, fainting. Mercury rules over our nerves and if he is in Leo, he gives heart-troubles due to nervous disorders, and causes asthmatic tendencies.

Jupiter governs our liver and lungs and when he is in Leo, he gives asthma and pleurisy. Saturn governs our breath and so he may be regarded as the main planet causing asthma, as in asthma, breathing difficulty causes much trouble. When Saturn afflicts the 5th house of the Zodiac i.e. Leo, the person becomes liable for bronchial or asthmatic attacks. Saturn is an obstructive planet by nature and when he afflicts any planet in Leo, he acts as a retarding influence impeding the circulation of blood to and from the heart. Saturn, being a retarding influence, prevents elimination of wastes from the body and clogs the system.

Medicines give only temporary relief. The patient gets disturbed and annoyed by constant use of medicines and inhalers, which is also a very costly affair.

The science of horoscopy can afford to provide adequate relief here. Now let me examine the nature of each planet causing asthma one by one. The main planets which cause asthma are the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. First the Moon governs the heart, and her gem is White Pearl.

It is said that Pearl fortifies the heart. Moonstone is also a gem for the planet Moon and it also fortifies the heart. So these gems can be used safely. Then comes Mars, a fiery and hot planet. He causes over-heating of the blood and gives animal heat in the body and his gems are Red Coral and Ruby. These are hot stones and these should be avoided and should not be used by the asthmatic patients, as these may cause insomnia. Jupiter confers sub-normal blood-pressure. It gives a tendency to apoplexy and fatty degeneration of the heart. He also causes palpitation of the heart. So his gems will be useful here and his gem is Yellow Sapphire. Mercury governs our entire nerve system and his asthmatic patients. Saturn is another planet which causes asthma and his gem is Blue Sapphire which is also helpful to the asthmatic patients.

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