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Mantras for Nakshatras - Part 4

Lord Aryama is the Lord of Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is ambitious, authoritative, self- praising, brave, frank, proud, charitable, optimistic and humorous. He has a tendency to show off, has royal tastes and royal connections. He may be polite, scholarly, wealthy, renowned, sincere in his duties, benefiting from higher education, following family radiations and gaining amazing wealth through his knowledge. He may have a natural hearted for narrow mindedness and immoral work. He may have a very sharp memory. He may be affectionate towards friends and relatives and may occasionally become aggressive.

Uttaraphalguni nakshatra controls the spinal cord and back. These are afflicted by ailments when malefic planets show their effects. To mellow down their effect, ghee, sugar and shalyanna should be offered and the deity should be worshipped with camphor, saffron, incense, arks, floeers, dhoop, ghee lamp, ghee and kheer. The ‘patol Mool’ should be worn on the heart or forearm. Sesame seeds and ghee should be mixed; homa is performed with the following mantra to be hundred & eight times. To keep the spirit of reciting mantras, the Lord of the house, Sun, should be worshipped regularly, the Surya Namaskar should be done and water should be offered to Sun God.

Om devyaa vadvaryu agat gum rathen suryatwacha||
Madhva yaggum samjathe tam partantha yam venshichatram devanam||
Om aryamane namah||


Lord Savita is the Lord of Hasta Nkshatra. A person born in this constellation is charitable, large hearted, famous, engrossed in religious rituals, philanthropic and devoted to Brahmins and Gods. He may be untruthful, stubborn and habitude to drinking, theft and visiting other women.

Hasta nakshatra controls the large intestines, small intestines, digestive tract and enzymes and these are afflicted when malefic planets show their effects. To get relief and increase good results, Lord Savita’s golden idol should be worshipped with red sandalwood, saffron, fragrance, lotus flower, ghee, googal, dhoop, ghee lamp, milk pudding. Sweets should also be offered. The Jaati Mool should be worn on a silken thread on the arm or on the heart. Homa is performed while mixing curd and ghee and the following Mantra should be recited for hundred & eight times.

Om bibrangvarhatpipatu saumayam madhvayurdadhdhyagpattavavhihutam|
Vatjuto yo abhiraksh titmana praja puposh purudha virajati om savitra namah||


Vishwakarma is the Lord of Chitra Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation may be frank, brave, enterprising, energetic, sharp tempered, spendthrift, logical, impatient, short tempered, fond of beautiful clothes and ornaments skilled at doing amazing things, an actor, desirous of becoming a politician, keen to be educated, skilled at talking and experienced. He may attack enemies suddenly. His specially may be wondrous appearance and honesty of character.

Chitra nakshatra controls the lower abdomen and this is afficted when inauspicious planets shoe their effect. To mellow done their effect offer ghee and seven cereals on Tuesday, the day of Chitra Nakshatra. Donate seasame seeds, jiggery and chayapatra. Wear a makhva mool on the arm or on the heart. Worship Lord Vishwakarma or an aged Brahmin, who may be the form of Brahma, with saffron fragrance, coloured flowers, ghee, gugal, dhoop and ghee lamp daily. Perform homa with sesame seeds, ghee and tandul and recite the following mantra for hundred & eight times.

Om twasta turyo adbhoot indraagni pushtivardhnam|
Dwipada chandaindriyamuksha gotravayodha om vishwakarmane namah||


Lord Vayu is the Lord of the Swati Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation may be emotional, sympathetic, judicious, and frank and intelligent. He may stutter in speech and be good at premonitions. He possesses an amazing memory, has a good grasp of things and is prudent, capable of comparative logic and debating, highly ambitious, polite, sweet natured, humanitarian, having more than one businesses, fond of having friends and prone to consuming alcohol and drugs. He may be fortunate, may possess independent thinking, cause much harm to himself and his house when in anger and face many obstacles in the path to success. He may be stubborn and may stick to his words and suffer a terrible physical injury once.

Swati Nakshatra controls skin; kidney s, hernia, urinary tract etc and these are afflicted with ailments when malefic planets show their effect. For mellow down theirmalefic effect the native should offer ghee and kheer (sweet made of rice & milk). One should worship Lord Vayu, Lord Shiva or Lord Hanuman with sandalwood, incense, flowers, incense sticks, dhoop, ghee lamp and ghee, sweets. One should wear the Jaati Mool on the arm or the heart. Perform homa with sesame seeds, yava and ghee and recite the following mantra for hundred & eight times.

Om vayuoo ye sahastrine rathaa saste chiraghee niyutvam som pitye om vavyee namah||

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