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Mantras for Nakshatras - Part 3


Jupiter is the lord of the Pushya Nakshatra. A person born in the Pushya constellation is calm hearted, popular, scholarly, learned, pleasant natured and devoted to parents. He worships and respects Brahmins and the lords, believes in religion, intelligent, the king’s favourite, endowed with a son, wealth & vehicles, respected and happy. A person born in the Pushya nakshatra is mediocre. He has a good height and fair complexion. He is thoughtful, cautious, keen, self centred, disciplined and principled, a frugal spender, traditional, tolerant, intelligent and prudent. He is practical, frank, quick to speak and critical. He acquires a trustworthy position. He might be a powerful minister or the king. He is having a technical mind. He is skilled at his work and appreciated by all. He may worry over small issues but faces graves circumstances with courage. He may be devoted to god and in spite of having philosophical ideas, may be considered successful in worldly matters.

Pushya nakshatra born people are seen struggling in the life. Till the age of thirty three there life is like a see-saw. Married life is not interpreted good and the native cannot enjoy the company of his family  for either reasons. In case of woman, husband my doubt character of his wife. Pushya controls the lungs, stomach and intestines ailments related to these may occur when malefic planets influence. For mitigating such affect, the native have to worship lord Jupiter, who is almost lord Vishnu himself. He is worshiped with kumkum(saffron), incense, lotus flowers, ghee, dhoop, ghee lamp and sweets ,made of ghee, according to the rituals sweets made of flour of ‘barley’ should be offered to lord Jupiter, One should wear the “tushar mool” on once neck or upper arm. Mix ghee and kheer (sweet made of rice and milk) and perform homa while reciting the following mantra for hundred and eight times.

Om Brahaspate atiye daryoo arhaddhyum dwimatikratu
Majjanesu| yaddidayach vasrat parjattaqdasmasu
Dravinumdehichitram ||
Om brahaspatye namah ||


Snake Lord, Taksha, is the lord of the Ashlesha Nakshatra. A person born in the Ashlesha Nakshatra is cruel natured, destroyer of all, ungrateful, short tempered, prone to troubling others, used to wandering aimlessly, waste of money, sensuous, ill behaved and a performer of his own deeds. He may be clever, imaginative, dynamic, wavering, easily appeased, pleasant natured, fluent, imitative of others in talking, having artistic interests, fond of literature and more fond of travelling, passionate, occasionally involved in theft, lazy, selfish and prone to sudden assaults.

The Ashlesha Nakshatra controls the lungs, abdomen, lower part of food pipe & liver and these are affected with malefic effect. Such persons are seen to be found of alcohol. Women born during this constellation are good managers, but they have to be extra cautions while maintaining relations with their in-laws. Ashlesha is a “Mool Sangyaka” nakshatra and it signifies fear for mother-in law. To mitigate the evil effects of this constellation, on the day of the Ashlesha Nakshatra, one should make a golden idol of the Snake couple, establish it ritually and worship it with Kumkum (Saffron), incense sticks, flowers, dhoop, ghee, lamp and rice. Perform homa with ghee and sugar and recites the following mantra hundred and eight times.

Om Namasatu sarpebhayoo ye ke cha prithvi manu ye antarikshedivitebhayee sapebhayoo namah|
Om takshkeshwarayee namah||


Lord Pitr is the lord of the Magha Nakshatra. Person born in this constellation are wealthy, pleasure loving, devoted to God and parents and very enterprising. Some classics are of the view that such persons are hard hearted, sharp natured, possessing uncritical skills, lacking sins, prudent, proud, pious, under their wives’ domination and destructive of enemies. He may be involved in a suspicious and secretive work, very enterprising and endowed with many servants. Such persons are skilled at doing work for others, fond of eating and drinking and thrifty. They may be assaulted suddenly, have an anxious temperament and face continuous obstacles in progress.

Maga nakhatra controls heart, back, spinal cord and its surrounding area and these are afflicted with ailments when malefic planets show their effect. To ward off the evil effects worship Lord Pitr. For that, one should invite father like respected Brahmins on the day of Magha Nakshatra and worship them with white sandalwood fragrance, champak flowers, ghee, dhoop, ghee lamp and other sweets. One should wear the bhringraj mool on the arm or heart in an amulet. Clothes, sesame seeds and rice should be donated as per ritual. Occasionally, milk and cereal should be donated to the ancestors. Perform homa while mixing ghee, sesame seeds, rice and recite the following mantra for hundred & eight times.

Om pitrbhayee swadhayeebhay swadha namah
pitamahebhay swadhayeebhayee swadhaanamah
Parpitamahebhayee swadhayibhayee swadhanaam
Akshanpitro mimdant pitroatitrpant pitra pitra
Shuddawam om pitrbhyonamah||


Lord Bhaga is the Lord of the Purvaphalguni Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is generous, large hearted, honest, polite, fond of music, dance, drama, sports, valuable things and clothes and ornaments, pleasure loving, humours, inclined towards gambling and speculation, cautious, self centred, trustworthy, easily pleased and capable of fulfilling his own desires. He may be interested in business and the founder of religious or service organizations. He may suffer losses in trading, be unsuccessful due to obstacles in progress, may give more importance to respect and honour, be proud, suffering from ailments related to sense organs, flexible in religious matters, troubled, brave and have the mark of an injury on his head.

The Purvaphalguni Nakshatra controls the heart and spinal cord and these are afflicted with ailments when malefic planets show their effect. In order to keep problems and fear at bay, one should worship Goddess Shri Kamakhyaa or Omkar who are considered the forms of the Bhaga. They should be worshipped daily with the incense of white sandalwood, malti flowers, ghee, dhoop, ghee lamp and sweets. ‘Kapatkari mool’ should be worn on the heart or arm. To appease Lord Bhaga, one should offer ‘kangni’ sesame seeds and ghee. Sesame seeds and ghee should be mixed, homa should be performed, and the following mantra should be recited for hundred & eight times.

Om bhag parnetrbhagsatya radho bhage mandhi yamu dawa ddanna|
Bhag parnojan yagobhirasveparbhirnarbant shyam om bhagayee namah||


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