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Mantras for Nakshatras - Part 5

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Lord Indragni is the lord of the Vishakha Nakshatra. A person born in Vishakha Nakshatra may be jealous, greedy, enlightened, harsh, and fond of quarrelling and skilled at talking. He may keep his wife under his control and may be victorious over enemies. He may be aggressive, calm, engrossed in Agnihotra and Kriya of Gods, knowledgeable about metals and nobody’s friend. A person born in Vishakha nakshatra may be polite, attractive, having faith in God, devoted to God, traditional, admirer of good deeds, influential, generous, liberal, having an independent viewpoint, judicious, ambitious, cultured, skilled at talking, logical, skilled at arbitration, interested in business, jealous, arrogant and skilled at quarrelling.

Vishakha nakshatra control the lower abdomen, urinary track and adjoining areas, kidneys, etc. And these parts may be afflicted during the malefic effect of the planets. For mellowing down the effect the native should daily worship the golden idol of the Lord Indragni with sandalwood, saffron, incense, lotus flowers, Godly wine, ghee (butter clarified by boiling and straining), incense, ghee lamp, milk pudding and cereals of many hues. Besides, the Gunjamool should be worn on the arm or heart. On Thursday, the day of the Vishakha Nakshatra, one should donate red and yellow clothes and black buffaloes or chayapatras. Perform homa with ajya payas and recite the following mantra for hundred and eight times.

Om Indraagni aagat gum sutam gibhirnamovarenayam|
Asya patam dhiye shita om Indraagnibhyam namah||

Image result for anuradha nakshatrasLord Mitra is the Lord of the Anuradha Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is determined, enthusiastic, experimental, inventive, research oriented, fearless, and endowed with skills, fond of travelling, friendly with cultured people, skilled at secretive tasks, selfish, with a violent tendency, hard, cruel and revengeful. Such persons have an inclination towards their own religion and new ideas. They are interested in philosophy, Vedas, Puranas and science. They are desirous of being honoured, skilled at arts, hardworking at studies, progressive, moving towards the west or abroad for trade purposes and skilled at accomplishing their own tasks.

Anuradha nakshatra controls the bladder, urinary organs, genitals, rectum, and anus and nestles bone and these are afflicted with ailments due to malefic effect of the planets. By daily worshipping the lord with lotus flowers, sandalwood incense, ghee, lamp & ghee, Kheer (sweet made of rice & milk) the evil effect could be mellowed down. Offer madhvajya and jiggery cereals. Wear the Supushpamool on the arm and heart. Mix yava and ghee and perform homa while reciting the following mantra for hundred & eight times.

Om namo mitrasaye varunasye chaksase mahodevye tadar samryat durdarshe dev jatya ketva divas putraye suryaanyash gum sat om mitrayee Namah||

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Indra is the lord of the Jyeshtha Nakshatra. A person born under this constellation is keen to work, studious, logical, interested in science, humorous, quick at giving repartees, frank, pleasure loving, prone to exaggerating, short and sharp tempered, flexible in his attitudes, having few friends and angered at the highest point. He may be arrogant, pleasure loving, affectionate towards animals, fond of rearing pets and animals, helpful to friends, facing obstacles & hurdles in the path to progress and opposed to his family.

Jyeshtha is a Mool Sangyaka Nakshatra. Birth in the third pada of Jyeshtha is harmful for the mother. It controls the intestines, anus, genitals, ovary and womb and these are afflicted with ailments when malefic planets give their effect. Toward  of the malefic effect the native should worship the golden idol of lord Indra on the day of the Jyeshtha Nakshatra with white sandalwood incense, flowers of champak, camphor, dhoop, ghee etc. Young Brahmins should be given sesame seeds, gold and blue clothes in charity. Apamarga Mool should be worn on the arm or the heart. Perform homa while mixing ghee, sesame seeds and tendul with the twigs of apamarg and recite the following mantra.

Om tratarmindramavitarmindarguhva havesuhav gum shurmindram|
Hariyamishkram puruhutmindar gum swastino madhvadhatvindra om shukrayee namah||


Image result for moola nakshatrasRakshasa is the Lord of Mool Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation must be affectionate, friendly, large hearted, honest, pleasant natured, forgiving, good at giving advice, prone to respecting others, capable of leadership qualities, disciplined, law abiding, devoted to the traditional and ancient, engaged in social service and social work, determined, trustworthy and incurring expenditure on religious work. Such a person may work according to his own wishes, may not listen to others, may oppose the old generation, may suffer from stomach ailments, be fond of a wandering life, have faith in magic, be victorious over enemies and be fond of fresh and beautiful clothes and ornaments.

Moola is a Mool Sangyaka Nakshatra. Birth in the third pada of Mool nakshatra is harmful from the financial point of view. A person born in the Mool nakshatra may face many hardships in childhood and may not even survive. However, he may be very fortunate and wealthy. Moola nakshatar controls the thighs; chest, nerves etc. And these are afflicted with ailments due to malefic planets. To ward off the malefic effects, the native should worship Bhool bhavan Lord, Ashutosh (Shri Shivlinga), with black incense sticks, blue flowers, ghee lamp, black dhoop and mixed cereals. Offerings should be made through Sahvimashann. Wear good quality Vaidurga jewel or mandar Mool. Recite the following mantra for hundred & eight times.

Om Matve putram prathivi putram prithvi purishyamagnigum swayeyonavabharusha |
Tam vishvedev rritubhi samvdana prajapatirvishvakarma vimuchtu om nirritye namah||

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