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Mantras for Nakshatras - Part 2

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Agni is the Lord of Krittika Nakshatra. Such persons have to tour different part of the country for the purpose of earnings. They have to face a lot of hurdles in their life. Classics say until the age of fifty years they have to work hard for their livelihood. They may inherit some ancestral property also. Such person has to worship the deity of the nakshatra with white sandalwood, fragrance, jasmine flowers; lamp filled with butter, incense sticks, sesame seeds etc., in order to mitigate the malefic effect. The karpas Mool should be filled in a container and worn. Pure ghee, sweets and kheer (sweet made of rice & milk) should be used as offering to Agni. Mix sesame seeds and butter, ghee and perform homa while reciting the following mantra for hundred and eight times.

Agnirmudhardivya kakutpati prithviya ayama
Apagum reta gum sijanvati om agnaye namah

Brahmaji is the Lord of Rohini nakshatra. Persons born in this Nakshatra are very much serious about their working. They have a passion to become master of all trades but they have to face problems in their act. Age, between 18 to 36, is not considered good for them. They are loyal to their mother and maternal uncle but have difference of opinion with their father. Their married life is not considered happy. They may develop problems like blood cancer, jaundice, urinary track infection diabetes, asthma, problems released to throat. In order to decrease the malefic effects, the native should worship Brahmins with white sandalwood, fragrance, lotus flowers, incense, lamp of ghee (butter clarified by boiling and straining) and sweets. Honey, ghee and milk pudding should be offered. “Apamarga” Mool should be in an amulet and worn. On the day of the Rohini Nakashtra, donate the milk of black cow and seven cereals. Use the twigs of “Apamarga” for the homa mixed with sesame seeds and ghee and recite the following mantra hundred and eight times.

Brahmajgyanam pratham purastadwisimtah suruchovvenaava sabudhanya upma
asya vishthaha satschchayonimsataschcatvivaha brahamane namah

Moon is the Lord of Mrigshira Nakashtra. Persons born during this constellation are lively, clever, patient, scholarly, enthusiastic, wealthy and pleasure loving. They may be frequent wanderer, manufacturer of spurious things, wicked eyed, selfish, egoistic, jealous, sensuous and ailing. They may be aroused very fast, may be emotional, rude when angry, quick at answering back & displaying his anger, skilled at talking, industrious and wealthy. They may support a religious background and may have a progressive viewpoint and a leadership oriented personality. They may be prone to boasting and false exhibitionism amongst friends.

 Such persons do not have a good life partner. Their life partner is a problem creator for them and they may be in soup due to their life partners. During their early ages they will not remain fit and may develop problems related to stomach and throat. To mitigate the evil effect of the constellation native should worship the Moon God with white sandalwood, incense, flowers, lamp with ghee. One should donate curd and rice on the day of the Mrigshira Nakshatra, offer rice and sugar and wear ”Jayantimool” in an amulet. One should mix curd and milk pudding and perform homa while reciting the following mantra for hundred and eight times.

Imamdeva aspatan gum subdhavam mahate ksahtraye mahate jyesthayay mahate janrajyaendryasayeindriyaye

Imam musaye putrammushayee putarmasayee vishe ishvomi rajasomoasmakam brahmananagum raja chandramase namah

Lord Shiva is the Lord of Ardra Nakshatra. Persons born in this constellation are strong and loved by brothers. They may be ungrateful, crooked hearted, proud, short tempered, violent, wicked, lacking wealth and prosperity, engaged in lowly deeds and not stationary in one place. However, they are soft- spoken, loving towards all, intelligent, knowledgeable about traditional medicine and the power of mantras, skilled at predictions, intuitive and pure hearted but critical and facing and hardship in his period of education. They are of inventive brain, be skilled at art & fine works, addicted to drugs, consuming tobacco and cigarettes, involved in a defamed work, having a wondering temperament and anxious about past deeds.

Person born during Ardra constellation are subject to late marriage. If their marriage is solemnised in early age then they would face problems. They may develop problems like paralysis, dental problems or cardiac related problems. Women born in this constellation may have problems related to menstruation cycle, acidity etc. To ward of the evil effect of the constellation it should be worshipped with white sandalwood, incense, fragrant flowers, ghee, lamp, betel leaf, sweets etc. One should offer curd and sweets, fill an amulet with white sandalwood and ashwathlpapal, mool, and wear it. Homa is done while mixing ghee and honey and recite the following mantras for hundred and eight times daily.

Namaste Rudramanyvaootoo ta ishve namah
Bahu bhayamuttatte namah om rudraye namah shivaye namah

Aditi is the Lord of the Punarvasu Nakshatra. Persons born during the Punarvasu constellation possesses a sharp brain and a good memory. He is pleasant natured, cultured, good looking, intelligent, wealthy, endowed with servants, having worldly ambitions, good at premonitions skilled at taking practical and realistic decisions, famous, easily convinced and possessing divine knowledge. Their married life is considered to be disturbed. It is said that a woman born in Punarvasu should marry with a person born during Hasta constellation.

Punarvasu Nakshatra controls ear, throat and shoulder and these are affected with ailments when malefic planets influence. To mitigate the malefic effects the native should worship it with ‘haridra’ (turmeric), incense of kumkum (saffron), servantika, flowers, eight types of fragrances, incense, ghee, lamp and yellow coloured nevaidy filled with ghee. On the day of the Punarvasu nakashtra, fill an amulet with ‘Arka Mool and wear it, give five food to five girls and give them gifts of gold, clothes, lotus flower and money. Offer ghee and yellow rice. Perform homa while mixing ghee and yellow rice and recite the following mantra hundred and eight times.

Om aditidhyorditirantrikshmaditir mata sapita saputra vishvedeva
Aditih pachchjsnaaaditirjat maditirjanitvam om adityee namah


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