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Mantras for Nakshatras - Part 1

Ashwini Kumar is the Lord of the Ashwini Nakshtra. Person born in this Nakshtra, however, does not face health related problems but if they are born between 2.00 to 3.00, they may have problems related to migraine and heart. For worshipping the lord of the nakshtra one should take the soil both banks of a sacred river or water hole and construct an imaginative idol. Make seven swastikas out of wheat flour. Worship this idol with white sandalwood, white flowers, five flags made of five colours, five lamps and camphor. Pray to Lord Ashwini and offer jaggery and sesame seeds. Perform homa with barley, butter and twigs of root of chichri, while reciting the following mantras for hundred and eight times.

Om Ashwina tejsa chakshu pranenan saraswati viryyam
Vachandro balnendraye dhdhuriindryam om ashwani kumarabhyam namah

Yamaraj is the lord of the Bharani Nakshatra. Native born during this Nakshtra may not be much bothered for his health. He may be a chain smoker; hence, he needs to take care of his lungs. He may have problems related to diabetes, body-ache, skin problems, high fever etc. Such native should take extra precautions while travelling by water route. If the native is born in the first or second pada of Bharni Nakshtra he would be cause of his father’s death. To mitigate this affect, the native should worship Lors Shiva on the day of Bharani Nakshtra with incense sticks, flowers, lamp, butter, googal, jiggery etc. Sugar, pure ghee and utensils should be donated and uncooked mixture of pulses and rice should be donated in the name of Yamaraj. Homa should be performed with butter, honey, sesame seeds, rice and twigs of august Mool (root of aeschynomena grandi flora tree) while reciting the following mantra for hundred and eight times.

Om yamayatvangirsvate pitrmate swaha,

Swahadharamaya pitre swaha yamay namah


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