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My 30th anniversary today . Got married to Renu in 1985 . The journey had its moments of joy, hurt, anger, betrayal, creation, connect, disagreements, pleasure, recreation together & with others, family & adding people to make it grow,helping but above all during this journey we have become companions knowing our negatives / weaknesses / eccentricities - the best part is we ( I ) want now to travel together till the end of one.
It could be getting used to / compromise / compulsion/ fear of society as some would rationalise but it is something beyond that I have no words today / this moment.

The next moment / the next situation / the next reaction in not known so I write my feeling of today which is going beyond the reason of marriage 30 years back. Thank You RENU for being besides ME - this impulsive, rash & unpredictable human being. Let us be besides each other - what may come - nothing is permanent and life is all about loving imperfections. Shanker Adawal

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