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The hypocrisy is there when you dress as per tradition ( dhoti - tika ) as a fashion - otherwise you are comfortable in jeans - pants . The Gurus make groups to call them there - "Group ". & some logic told - makes your "I" bloated . You play with your body & mind by kriyas - that gets an imbalance in your neurones . You scuttle emotions , love , care in the name of detachment . You lecture but are unable to make those dependent on you happy . You suppress sex but have it on the sly . You rule curse and think you are know GOD better - all in the name of religion / sect . Those completely dependent are caged and exploited - they have to be followers in the name of GOD . All this is NOTHING but your ego at play . It is pseudo understanding , you feel good as you are different and that in the hierarchy of religion you have a position . Religion is all about love , giving , helping , serving , forgiving and certainly not rituals . God as idol or abstract is there - spirituality exists in the mystery of nature ( observe that ) & not get in the game of establishing HIS /YOUR supremacy . Be careful of the GODMEN GURUS SECTS - my view is that they are perpetuating your ego tell you that you have powers and making us worse . Be human with the human touch . My interaction with GURUs - forgive me if - may not apply for ALL but seen it closely .

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