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Know About Zodiac Signs: Libra (Tula), Chapter 7, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Libra Woman:

The Libra woman will be vibrant, vivacious and thoroughly captivating, complete with the charming manners and delightful elegance. She will be the epitome of diplomacy and tact, in addition to being a woman who will be trusted by her friends. She will be blessed with taste and a sense of refinement but on the negative side, her love of the good life can lead to laziness and something of a selfish nature. As a sweetheart, she will be irresistible and as a long term partner, she will be intriguing, being both feminine and fun. As a mother, she will not always be one to concentrate on her children, but she does radiate a warmth and affection that provides them with a sense of security. Far from fluffy in her thinking, the Li9bra female can be a great help to the success of any mate’s career. In short, she will be attractive, mixes well and will tend to get along with everyone, being tactful and shrewd. For a long term commitment, this woman will look for an adventurous and intelligent mate, one who will preferably be fairly well off, but there will be no aversion here to aiding a partner when it comes to accumulating the good things of life. When young, this female will rather like a beautiful flower, being very lovely to look at. With the advancement of years, however, this woman will often find that life has educated her to a high degree and she is also wise, witty, entertaining, tolerant, amusing and a wonderfully rewarding person to know. In her heart, every female governed by Libra will truly desire affection above all else, closely followed by sympathy and interest. She will be a woman who will be forever seeking the idea companion.

She will never stick to a viewpoint just because it’s hers and your opinion will matter to her as much as her own. She will love luxurious surroundings and sloppy, dirty surroundings make her feel depressed. If subjected to such environs for too long, she can fall physically ill too. Most of them will work after marriage. Apart from money, one of the basic reasons is that for them, marriage will also be like a partnership and both the partners will have to carry out the responsibilities together. Solitaire will not be their kind of game. She will never seek to dominate in a relationship and the husband will always get the respect he deserves. At the same time, she will keep him from making mistakes or taking wrong decisions. He will take the lead and she will try to smooth out the results of his decisions. She will never go against his decisions, but if he is wrong, she will slowly tread him to the correct path. She will be emotional, but not while forming opinions or passing judgments. At that point of time, facts will matter to her the most. Being suspicious will not be one of the personality traits of a Libran girl. She will trust her love partner or friend completely and seeing his personal diaries and other things will be wrong in her eyes. She will express her emotions easily and lavishly; he will never find himself complaining in this aspect. There will be no dearth of charming glances, gentle strokes, affectionate hugs and loving kisses. After marriage, he will never come back to a dirty home as everything will be spick and span, right from his drawing room to his wife to the kids.

A Libra female will love talking, but she will patiently listen to his monologues husband too. She will be all feminine, where love and romance is concerned, however, when some crisis situation crops up, she will be as strong as any man. She will always be there to help him, motivate him, build up his strength and support him. With children, she will be loving, caring and a little strict; especially where respecting him will be concerned. She will dote on them, but they will never come before him. You were the first love of her life and she will never forget that. She will never let the kid disrespect him and his needs will always come first. If he will become too strict with them, she will be there to wipe their tears ad give them the chocolate you denied. A Libra woman may become a little imbalanced once in  while. Still, the harmony and balance will return soon and she will become her usual lovable self again. She will be one of the few females who can play the princess with the perfect captivating charm and, with as much ease, lend him a supporting hand in crisis; and she will melt his heart with that enticing charm and alluring smile too.

The female ruled by Libra will possess a delicate and rather spiritual appeal. Usually she will be a rather exotic looking woman with a rare and exquisite personality. However, in actually, she will be nowhere near as fragile as she seems to be. A fine mental companion, the Libra woman will be wise in the ways of partnership and extremely capable of bringing harmony into a home and family environment. Indeed, her talent for harmony will be the one of her special gift. She will have an instinctive knowledge of how to get along with people and usually will attract an interesting social circle. Still, she will never neglect her own family, bestowing upon them all the loving attention of which her gracious nature is capable. She will not be the type of female who encourages scandal. The Libra woman will be responsive, intuitive and intellectual. In many respects, she will be the best suited of all Zodiac females to be a lifelong partner in the strictly personal sense of the word.


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