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Know About Zodiac Signs: Libra (Tula), Chapter 7, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Libra Child:

A Libra child will be known as a cute baby. His sweet expression, chubby cheeks and captivating smile will be sure to win hearts of nearly all the people around him. He will also seem very calm and composed and one will seldom find him screaming without a reason. Libran baby should not be given a choice as he will be forced hurry up, he will never reach a conclusion. Since he will take time to make up his mind, he may appear to be stubborn, but, this will not be true. Charming and attractive, the Libra child will be able to get along with people of all ages. However, he can be a very demanding and lazy child who will need to be pushed into action, including studies and gaining knowledge that will stand this little one in good stead wherever life’s path may lead. A harmonious atmosphere at home will be essential since these children will become emotionally confused and upset under prevailing stressful conditions. Even when young, the Libra child will be a natural peacemaker. Being sociable and outgoing, this little one will need friends and hates to be left alone. By nature accommodating and happy, the Libra child will want to be liked. The best approach toward this child will be caring and gentle handling. Basically bright, these souls will be essentially reasonable and able to adapt to any surroundings with relative ease. This is a kind and concerned child who will often go out of his or her way to help other children. The inherent winning ways and laid back style will make this little one popular, but self esteem will be liable to fluctuate and there is also a stubborn streak here. Sometimes, this child can be sharp, difficult and temperamental. It does not happen often, but when it does, the little Libra will likely to blow the situation totally out of proportion.

Libran children will be quite gentle, kind, considerate and will have a pleasant personality. They will have the ability of softening even the hardest of hearts with their smile. They will be very bright and will have the ability of taking both the sides in a debate and then, winning both of them. A Libran child will found arguing many a times, since he cannot tolerate someone making a casual remark about something. According to him, one should look at both the sides of the coin and only then comment on a situation or a person. Sunny and affectionate, this child will almost assuredly need a great deal of understanding since there is a tendency for the little Libra to be over emotional. Sensible and careful supervision will be very important. Being amiable, impulsive and demonstrative, these children can scarcely bring themselves to submit to discipline which will be forced upon them, but may be lead by gentle appeals to their reason and understanding. When admonished in a kindly fashion, they will be quick to realize and admit their faults; and to fully apologize. Susceptible to psychological and outside influences, the Libra child can be easily led or misled. These souls will be sensitive to ridicule and will have the ability to swiftly learn the art of deceit in order to avoid the necessity of explaining all the fancies of their vivid imaginations. The Libra child will be talkative and prone toward exaggeration. Thus, he or she will need to be taught the fundamental truths of nature. These children flourish best on liberal praise and encouragement. Indeed, harsh criticism and punishment will often destroy their talents. They will possess natural inventiveness and much originality, sometimes resulting in the utterance of the most unexpected thoughts which should be listened to with loving attention.

At school, this child will undoubtedly excel at art subjects and also very likely to develop a love of literature. Not particularly technically minded, this little one my need to be encouraged in mathematics and science and could possibly take dislike to sports at a very early age. Nevertheless, there will be good intellectual potential here which will enhance the natural ability to enjoy the education process and do quite well at studies. However, the key will be whether or not this child will harbor the desire to succeed. In general, Libra children will be quite healthy little souls but there may be trouble throughout life involving the kidneys, so this area for their well being will need to be carefully watched.

Usually the Libra girl will be exceedingly attractive and will like to surround herself with individuals of the same type, both male and female. In plain and simple terms, the young Libra lady cannot stand to be alone. Totally focused on looking good, her hair will always be in the latest style and her fashion sense will be second to none. This girl will tend to cling to her friends and always socializes in the environment of a crowd, and it will be a happy group since she insists on harmony at any cost. The willingness to please here may be considered by some as superficial, but the intentions of the girl governed by Libra will always be good. Blessed with an intellectual quality or maybe because she will be averse to aggravating her teacher, she will do well in school and constantly produces work that will be quite beautiful to the eye.

The Libra boy will be an exceedingly appearance conscious young fellow. He can always be found in the midst of the crowd, so as to ensure he will be seen with all the right people. Something like a smooth talker, he will know how to say all the right things and will compromise to accommodate others. Thus, he can at times be perceived as somewhat superficial, to say nothing of lacking in any true emotional or physical fire. The main interest of the boy governed by Libra will be to look good and act pleasantly diplomatic, as opposed to behaving like a brute or building up brawn. This young man will excel at spending money and enjoys such things as designer clothes. He will harbor a desire to be accepted at a school that makes him look as good as possible.


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