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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Nature in General:

This sign is also known as the Sign of the Craftsman or Critic, but like Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, Virgo is Negative in polarity. The general characteristics of negative signs lean toward introversion and prefer to draw upon personal resources rather than look for external stimuli. Such individuals will be naturally more receptive, sensitive and nurturing than the Zodiac Signs of positive polarity (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius). However, negative signs are also likely to be much more cautious, retiring and standoffish than their positive counterparts with a tendency to keep personal feelings under tight control. Virgo is the second most introverted of the negative signs. This sign represents the hidden fire of the earth. People born under this sign of intellect and activity will tend to concentrate their efforts upon the acquisition of knowledge. They will have a keen acumen, acute perception and a sharp ability to grasp things quickly. They will be very orderly and methodical, and will be good magnetic healers. Their hands seem charged with curative power. They will be generous, and very solicitous about other people’s affairs. Usually they will be much interested in the love matters of their friends, and will have little hesitation in making or breaking matches. They will be fine scholars, and make inspirational musicians. They will keep their own secret, and guard and secrets of their friends with equal fidelity. They will be capable and efficient in all they  undertake, being excellent planners and designers. Virgo natives will seek complete realization of the mind, being logical, practical and methodical with an intellect which subrogates the instinct. This is an unassuming sign which rules hard working individuals who will be prepared to serve unflinchingly and give of their hearts. Those born under the sign of Virgo should strive to expand their perspective beyond details to see the larger order and underlying pattern of creation. Thus, those who accomplish this will know the goals worthy of service and learn how to temper intellect with reverence.

A Virgo native will be a bit of a perfectionist. They will love to organize and plan; and they thrive on hard work. They will always need to have the last word and can sometimes be oversensitive. While their passion will not always be evident, the right person can bring it out into the open. The virgin is a particularly fitting symbol for those born under the Virgo sign. If one meditates on the image of the virgin he or she will get a good understanding of the essence of the Virgo type. The virgin is a symbol of purity and innocence. A virginal object has not been touched. A virgin field is land that is true to itself, the way it has always seen. The same is true of virgin forest: it is pristine, unaltered. If one applies the idea of purity to the thought processes, emotional life, physical body, and activities and projects of the everyday world, and he or she can see how approach of Virgo will be towards the life. Virgos will desire the pure expression of the ideal in their mind, body and affairs. If they find impurities they will attempt to clear them away. Impurities will be the beginning of disorder, unhappiness and uneasiness. The job of the Virgo will be to eject all impurities and keep only that which the body and mind can use and assimilate. As the Virgo is the natural ruler of the Sixth House of the Zodiac, commonly referred to as the “House of Service, Work and Health” and in Vedic Astrology known as the “Evil Fortune.” It signifies the health and strength of individuals as they develop along the path to adulthood, including the personal respect and degree of care a person gives to their body. This House also governs individuals who fall under the care of others but are not relations or kin, such as servants and employees.

By Mercury being placed in Virgo they will have an unusual ability to reason that will be lacking in other signs. Not that they will be more intelligent but rather that they will lean towards the logical in all their thinking, and sometimes this may not be the best thing as there have to be some of the odd, unusual things in life that they will have to learn to accept which may not seem to have any order, logic, or reason. They will find it easier to think than to do anything else, better than most other people for that matter. They must guard against living in their head and not in the practical world. They will have a computer like memory that will allow them to be able to assimilate a large amount of information and then present it to the masses in a more understandable manner. They will be very good at expressing this type of thing but when it will come to something close to their heart, such as love or compassion, they will find it difficult to let the other person know and can thus appear to be aloof and cold. They will have a tendency to get out of sorts and become `picky’ with those around them which will make for some unforgiving hard feelings in the future.


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