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Know About Zodiac Signs: Leo (Simha), Chapter 5, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

There is one thing and that is most of the Leo women will never fall short of male attention. She will most probably be the center of attention everywhere. She will be the leader of her group and the other members will always accept her out of choice. The typical characteristics profile of a Leo woman will include qualities like liveliness, ingenuity elegance, beauty, and sensuality. Any way she will make a good partner because she will give undying affection and love and make him feel really great about himself. She will be kind and supportive with an adventurous streak; It is always fun to be with her. Leo woman will dominate but not completely and still she will need the man to lead the way and give her the desired sense of approval, she looks up to her man. Leo woman will be perfect for the man who will be affectionate and has a strong character but not too controlling. She will need someone who will be passionate about everything in their life and who will strive for the best in everything, because she will do the same way.

She will be the one of those who love, respect and care for their partners, but will not expect her to worship them. She wouldn’t be dominated; rather she will have to be restrained. She will be a complete woman and expects her partner to be a real man. If one meet a Leo girl who comes across as very gentle, mellowed and completely harmless, don’t get fooled. Inside, she will be as passionate as any other Leo woman. In courting she will like class and style. Although she will not be after the money, but shabby surroundings will make her pretty  uncomfortable. In return, she will also shower him expensive gifts. The lioness may become a little arrogant and proud at times, but these will be some of her basic personality traits. One should always remember that Leo represents the Sun and the Sun never exhausts its fuel. A Leo woman who will be respected, loved and cherished will become one of the most agreeable as well as the kindest person on this earth. She will care for the children and help the needy. The lioness will be a combination of intelligence, wit, strength and talent, mixed with generous amounts of feminine charm. This will be what makes her irresistible. The best way to make her do anything is to flatter her and she will even do the tiniest of chores for you.

She must be kept busy, happy and contended even after marriage by allowing her in pursuing her career. She will be the best wife and the perfect hostess, who knows how to charm the guests. Leo women will not be very careful about money and he will have to restrain her in this aspect. She can indulge in extravagance to fulfill her desire for exquisite furnishings, home décor, gifts for friends or even her own clothes. However, one thing will be sure that neither her home nor she will ever look ordinary. Her taste may be a bit expensive, but it will also be excellent. Leo woman will proved to be an affectionate mother. They will love and pamper their children sillily, but also demand respect from them. They will be disciplined and have impeccable manners. Leo woman will be proud of her husband as well as her children. She wants her independence and will give him too. At the same time, she will be extremely jealous and possessive and even the slightest suspicion can make her go mad.
Leo women will be very popular amongst the men of the society and they will like to receive male attention and compliments. So, he will get plenty of reasons to be jealous. He should always remember that all this will assure her that she is good enough, but she will always be in love with him. With the Leo girl, her partner has to maintain a difficult balance.


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