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Know About Zodiac Signs: Leo (Simha), Chapter 5, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Children born under this sign will have the most sensitive nature with a strong emotional impulse to imitate others and require careful guarding of parents in their early age. They will be very apt to lack individuality. Without a strong hand and proper education, these children will be very apt to partake of many vices and evils, which lead to paralysis, consumption, or insanity. They will be happy and cheerful as long as they get their way. A little one full of himself, he will attack if he will feel thwarted or his position will be threatened. Although his natural leadership qualities should be encouraged but his sense of justice and fair play should also be appealed, otherwise he will turn into a show-off. The child born under this sign will have broad and imposing face with big chin. His eyes will be reddish. He will be bold, brave, courageous and of firm determination. He will be short tempered and will be angry on slightest provocation. He will be obedient to his mother and will have virtuous wife. He will like to travel in mountains and forest.

Blessed with an innate sense of dignity, these children will thrive on power and applause and need to be adored. They should be taught to respect the dignity of others too. On the brighter side, these youngsters will be playful, affectionate and will have a lot of fun. They will enjoy games of challenge and chance. Although they will be intelligent and quick to learn, they can be a little lazy too. So it will be important that parents inculcate discipline and good study habits in them and also give them responsible and dignified duties to perform. They will love indulging themselves and spending lavishly. They will not only like spending on themselves but also they can be very generous. These little charmers will also fall in and out of love easily, so they will have a tough adolescent phase. As a fiery sign, their passions run hot, hot and hot.

Parents should always remember that their child is a Lion and they are lion tamer so they need to provide him gentle discipline, lots of love and affection. His pride should not be destroyed with harsh orders and inspite of this his courage and confidence should be build up with love instead. A great responsibility will rest upon the parents and guardians who have the charge of these young people. Leo children will be quick to observe any duplicity or inconsistency on the part of those around them, and will meet it all with corresponding hypocrisy and a deep cunning. They will be exceedingly imitative, and must therefore be taught independence of character. They will not only imitate the actions and the faults of others, but they will have a great power in imitating voices and gestures. They must never be aroused to combat, but a constant endeavor must be made to raise them above the common level of humanity. There can be no harmonious development of a child born under this fiery and impulsive sign without constant and varied amusement. Just as a young lion can be brought into subjection by steadfast love and unvarying kindness, so can the little human lion be tamed and developed into all goodness. He must be constantly kept under observation, but must not know it. If he is conscious of being watched, he will immediately commerce to deceive and prevaricate.

The enthusiasms they will acquire in childhood will generally last a lifetime and may even dictate the career one would choose.


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