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Know About Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Karka), Chapter 4, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

This woman will have some secrets and she will not like any one prying around her personal diary. She will be very insecure and will need constant reassurance. She will be extremely loyal and will keep her partner happy with her warm and rich humor. Once she will be committed to someone, she will remain his forever and ever. She will be a great cook and will make her family happy by providing best food. She will be also quite careful with spending money as well. Neither will she be stingy, nor totally extravagant. She will have a habit of saving everything which may be usable, be it money, old cloths or empty jars and also she will save things that have a sentimental value attached to them, like the old paintings, her first night gown etc. A Cancer woman will fiercely guard what is hers and that includes her husband also. Although she will not be too possessive or jealous but will not like sharing her love too. She wants to be told time and again that she is still desirable and still needed. However, she will not be a weak person and will completely capable of looking after her. In fact, she will be one of those who sacrifice all that they have, for their loved ones. She will just need some spoiling after every few days. A Cancerian woman may be fragile as far as her feelings are concerned, but when she will be needed, she will be there like a rock.

A Cancer female will always need her loved one, but she will never get too aggressive. She knows that he may leave for a while, to follow his dreams, but in the end, she will be the one he will come back to. Then he will find her as charming as before, waiting for him with freshly baked bread and hot soup. She will feed to him, listen about his worries and will make him smile again. Being homely, Cancerian women will come across as epitome of feminine fragility. They will love to pamper themselves within the comforts of their home. Cancerian will be very intuitive, possessive and clingy. Once offended, they will succumb themselves into their shell, while the other person would have to suffer the silent treatment. Such individuals who hate to take responsibilities in life and would be happy staying at home, rather than finding themselves carrying the bulk of the duties in the home.

In the matters of love, she is the most devoted lover. She would go out to any extent to make her partner and family happy. The only pre-requisite will be that she should be treated with utmost love and care. They will love to be praised, hugged and cuddled all the time and would not be happy with a person who will be less emotional than her or cold and detached. A Cancerian woman will love to fantasize and imagine. They will never dream alone, rather will make their near and dear ones also a part of their fantasy world. The only thing which a Cancerian female want will be the security for herself and her family; and she would work patiently towards this goal. Cancerian female will be the perfect woman for the man who loves to sweep a woman off her feet with romance. She will be sensual, sweet and flirty and they will engage in a gentle, flirtatious, and dance together while the relationship builds. Once there will be a solid, secure foundation, the richness of the relationship will emerge. She will be old fashioned, feminine and sensual and patient, if one is that man who can give her what she wants, a relationship with a Cancer woman will be wholesome and rewarding and can last a lifetime.
As Cancer sign as well as Moon rules motherhood, her children will find her as a person full of strength and refuge. She will not only love and take care of them but will also help them to find out their ways with sensitive understanding. She will be very protective of her children and make them feel completely secure. Kids will be the center of her universe and she will pamper them with her love, affection and care. The children will also be very close to her and no matter how much far they go from home, they will come back to her and she will know this.


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