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Know About Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Karka), Chapter 4, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Cancer Child:

The child born under Cancer sign will require greatest care. The attention of these children should be turned in babyhood to the contemplation of the true, the sweet, the tender, and the harmonious. Cancerian child will be very observant and whatever he will see, will remain etched in his memory forever. He will be very emotional and live in a world of his own, which may make him lonely at times. His face will always reflect myriad of emotions, some of which, one will not be able to understand also. Home environment will deeply affect a Cancerian baby. He will want lots of emotional nurturing from his family. In fact, his personality will be very much influenced by the reactions of his personality will be very much influenced by the reactions of his family members to his traits. He will be extremely shy to ask for his parents attention and love, so they should be sure to give him plenty without of hugs waiting for him to ask. Disapproval will hurt him deeply. In the initial years of their life, Cancer children will be quite easy to manage as well as discipline. However, in adolescence, their characteristics profile may show a little bit of rebellion. They will have a vivid imagination and which will keep themselves busy with imaginary people and things. One should not let a Cancerian child, from letting his imagination run loose as it will be one of his ways of getting over the wounds given by others. He will be quite emotional, but he will also be very independent and will hardly be one of the followers. If one ignore a Cancer baby for too long or will say harsh words to him, he may go into the gloomy spell. Then, he will turn into a crybaby, who will keep to himself and find it difficult to form friendships and get close to people.

Ignoring the sensitivity of a Cancerian child may hamper his emotional development. It will be better to help him to get over his numerous fears, with love and care; otherwise, he may turn into a snappy, brooding and bitter individual. The opposition can make him a tolerant, kind, self-assured and caring adult. His parents will have to make him feel secure and loved every now an then, or else he may imagine that they are apathetic towards him. However, he should not be fulfilled with his each and every demand; else he may become extremely pampered and spoilt. He should be given a healthy spanking when he really needs it. As Cancerian children will grow older, they will realize that world is not what they thought it to be. They will realize that no one can take care of them like the family and will become extremely devoted towards it. The creativity of a Cancer child may result in a trifle fight being described as a life or death situation. However, when a Cancer child is really hurt, he will most probably keep quiet and brood within. Even the slightest of teasing will make him feel miserable and will force him to go deep inside that protective shell, which no one can pierce. He may not be the child who will use his pocket money on useless things and then, demand for more money. In fact, he will try to save whatever he get from his parents and even try to earn his own money by doing odd jobs. Cancerian child will always try to help people and will be kind towards animals too. He will be always full of humor and will have a contagious laugh. Just like his adult counterpart a Cancerian child will exhibit various moods. He will be temperamental to the extent that, at times, one can record different mood state every hour. His face will be a complete give away of the mood he will be experiencing at the present. A Cancerian child will be emotional and hence it will be very necessary for his parents to be around him most of the times, especially when he feels lonely. He will loves delicious food and drinks, but almost always drips even when the early years are over.

Cancerian children will be fascinated by colors and pictures. They will have an amazing memory and can remember minutes details of their infancy, even in adult age. However, they may cry a lot and use tears to get what they want. Cancerian kids long to be hugged, loved and encouraged and if rejected, they will be capable of withdrawing into their inward shell. Though children born under this sign will be very obedient in the early stage, they might get a little rebellious as they grow old. Family will play a very important role in the lives of a Cancerian child. Security, love and affection will be his primary needs, which must be fulfilled by his parents. The way his family members behave with him will have a lot of bearing on his emotional stability. Cancerian children will have a free mind and a wide imagination. They will generally be docile and well-mannered however, they will need to be given constant reassurance by their parents.

Their training and development should commence at very early age. Their exceeding sensitiveness will make them hard to manage, although these little ones will be very obliging and gentle if properly treated. They will be sympathetic with sorrow and suffering, but will be inclined to dwell upon the abnormal aspects of these conditions. They will be so sensitive that to bring them to a funeral or letting them to spend time with sick persons may badly affect their emotions and even the growth. The will need to be dressed well but not over dressed. The proper developments of Cancer children will often seriously retarded by over-fond parents, nurses, and guardians, who insist upon clasping them close to themselves. These electro-magnetic conditions will be annoying, exciting, and very debilitating to the nervous system. Although no child should be allowed to sleep with old people, but this is particularly true for the children born under Cancer sign as these will be very easily depleted and feel ill. As Moon fluctuate frequently, care of their health issues will need to be taken seriously as they will fall ill very frequently. No pains should be spared to familiarize these children with the laws of life, and especially with those governing the sex functions. Special care should be given to their diet and their hours of rest and sleep. With care and consideration, these children can be brought to a spiritually harmonious manhood and womanhood, and when this will be accomplished, they will be more stronger, more brilliant, or more useful people than those who stand at the head of the Water Triplicity.


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