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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 19

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The attraction between a Taurus, the bull and a Gemini, the twins can be strangely compelling, but if they want this relationship is to survive for a long period, the fundamental differences will require some work. Taurus, the steadfast Bull, and Gemini, the irrepressible Twins, see things from very different perspectives. Taurus natives will be quiet, steady and practical people who try to mind their own business. In this relationship while Taurus will not sit ideally, it will be difficult for Gemini to decide what to do and what not to do. At first Taurus will respond to the sparkling wit of the Twins and in turn Gemini will be intrigued by the sensual Bull’s refreshing lack of complexity. Taurus prefers the bulwarks of familiarity and is happy to plod down familiar tracks and will expect a commitment from the frivolous Gemini is prepared to bestow, especially at the beginning.

While native of Taurus sign will be steady mind and keep pending his decision to change the routine track, the native of Gemini sign will frequently change his or her mind and do not hesitate to change the routine track. Taurus may be taken by the Gemini’s undeniable charm, but Taurus native might also want to think twice before falling in love with Gemini. Earth Sign, Taurus seeks a simple, orderly existence, while, the Twins can be easily bored and always subject to the lure of discovering new people and places, and are stimulated by interesting cultural differences. Most Bulls are possessive by nature, and cannot possess an airy Gemini any more than he can own the wind. This can make a good friendship, family, or business oriented relationship, but in more intimate relationships harmonious aspects between Sun and Ascendant are needed. Due to Gemini’s Mutable nature, he or she won’t understand need of a Taurus native to put down roots and general discomfort with change. As far as Gemini is concerned, being as close as one can come to heaven. Taurus will like to know and count on things being regular, predictable and dependable but for Gemini that will not be subject of interest.

Taurus’s rich imagination and creativity makes him anything but dull, but the flighty, Mercury-influenced Twins sometimes mistake sheer variety for quality. With peace loving Venus guiding Taurus, he or she may decide to be patient with Gemini and allow him or her to finally realize that truly for worth settling down with Taurus is a partner. But then again, Taurus may decide that trying to get a Gemini to commit isn’t worth the trouble. This combination is not the easiest for close, personal relationships but can work well when harmonious aspects between personal planets and Ascendant exist. They can learn a number of things from each other, but it will require patience and understanding on both parts.

It is well known fact about the natives of Taurus sign that the slow and smoldering passion of the bull is neither easily nor quickly aroused. It grown within him insidiously sneaking up on him gradually and gathering great strength as it sneaks. Once this man’s senses have been ensnared or his heart has been touched, he will seldom go back on his choice. His instinctive attitude towards involvement will be total and he will follow it through to the sweet or bitter end and even in all conditions. Except to the Gemini girl, he sounds like every girl’s imaginary romantic day dream come true. Gemini is airy and flies free like a kite in sky, sometimes buffeted by the wind; rising and then falling on the whim of a passing breeze but always soaring beautifully, catching the Sunlight between clouds and reflecting it back again.

In case of Gemini man and Taurus woman, a Gemini man will quickly get bored with the same woman because for change of his mood he likes to test the nuances of her emotional facets, sort of look at her through trick mirrors and examine the various faces of the girls, whom he loved. She may hate changes but learning to adapt to new patterns is a necessity for a woman in love with Gemini. A Taurus woman will have a way of choosing a side and staying there and even refusing to listen to an apology. She does not realize how cruel and cold she seems when ones she has made up her mind and slammed the door shut on any further discussion. In sexual relationship the same problem of change versus stubbornness may creep into their relationship.

Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, generally the natives of Taurus sign will be steadier and more practical. Gemini is ruled by magical Mercury, the swift messenger, so the natives born under this sign will be more restless and craves stimulation, always on the go but will have a lack of a fix goal. It will make more disciplined Taurus feel distinctly irritated, even threatened. Basically, Taurus, a Fixed Sign, wants to be in control, but a Gemini is not used to be told what to do. The dual and conflicting energies of the twins are often confusing to the bull, but if they allow one pole of the twinned soul to rest safely in the security of the bull, the other polarity in the Gemini’s inner life may enjoy the freedom and social life it craves for. Restrain from the quick tongue of the Gemini lover can be added advantage in the relationship. It will not be an easy match.


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