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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 18

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Compatibility of Taurus with other Zodiac Signs


Two Bills can make beautiful music together, whether they are on a country farm or city flat. It is easy for a person to spend time with someone who has similar values and enjoys the same things he does. Both will naturally be attracted to each other, but since both of them tend to attract rather than pursue, one of them will have to make the first move. As said earlier, they will be slow thinkers but one should not make the mistake of assuming that they lack intelligence. On the contrary, these natives will be very intelligent and take decision after thinking from all angles. Like a Bull they conserve their strength as well as money too. When two Taurus will be together and if they are not angry, then it will be difficult for them to get into any sort of instant action. In any type of relationship both Taurus natives will become more reasonable with each other than they are with others of contrary opinion. Even if this is not an intimate relationship, the double Earth factor and the fact that Taurus is ruled by sensual and charming Venus which can lead to many sensual days and nights, and both will enjoy sharing sumptuous meals in comfortable surroundings. The down side of this relationship will be that both natives will likely to be put on weight and otherwise indulge in excessive behavior. Both of them will have much in common. The average Taurus man and woman will generally insist on the full sanction of the law before entering into any kind of cooperative venture, whether it is a business or matrimony.
One of the marvelous things about Bulls is that they possess the ability to shrug off frustration and learn form experience. They will not forget what they have learned. In a liaison of love between two Taurus natives there will be many times when their mutual stubbornness and refusal to look at the other side will lead them down the blind alleys of mental and emotional prejudice and they will find it difficult to communicate. Generally their initial attraction towards each other will be physical when the mental and emotional blending will come later. Perhaps it is not the ideal priority to approach total love, but it works out rightly in relationship for two Taurus natives.

A Taurus man and woman have the potential to accumulate a reasonable amount of wealth. Both of them will be sentimental, warm, loving and their emotional behavior gently guided by their ruler planet, Venus. Venus influences their nature with much tenderness and gentleness but it will also have occasionally an influence of temptation towards excess of every thing.

Venus is artistic, musical and attracts money, so if they wish they can build a good life. It might be wise to take up some sort of physical discipline together as both enjoys being together physically. Both will benefit from spending time in parks and gardens, where they can relax and focus on the simple sweetness of life as they both love nature. This couple will like to stay in home and decorate it with all comforts of life as well as by natural things like plantation, making kitchen garden and growing varieties of flowers there as well as in pots. They will also like to decorate insight the house by flowers, plants, rivers’ stones and other natural things. This combination can work well but is best when other astrological factors harmonize. This is a good combination for all kinds of relationships, but works especially well for long-term commitments.


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