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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 27

Dr. Shanker Adawal


A Taurean is steadfast, while the Aquarian will be determined but quirky. They approach life and love from two very diverse perspectives. This is a most unlikely match, but it often happens that one is strangely attracted towards the unique and original Water Bearer. There will be fundamental differences that will require lots of efforts to resolves, if the relationship has to survive for the longer term. Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is unorthodox, outward looking, intellectual and adventurous, who will love to discover new people and places, being stimulated by the exploration of fresh ideas, intruded pathways and cultural differences. While Taurus, the Bull, will be happy to plod on known territories. They will be more inclined to be home-loving, possessive and concerned with the material joys of life and also likes to be control, but the Water-bearer has his own set of independent rules which are though very unconventional but suit them will. This disturbs the conservative Taurus, who approves of the tried-and-tested ways.

The sign pattern between these two will be 4-10 which indicates that compatibility and comprehension between these two will be achieve only after making big efforts. The Taurus will have a great deal more reserve of manner than do the typical, friendly, gregarious Aquarius. Even the timid Aquarius will count everyone from a gardener to President of the State as his friend because they hardly know the difference. A typical Aquarian is not prejudiced in his or her choice of buddies. As Aquarians are not more partial to friends than they are selective of them, no one ever becomes their best friend. On the contrary the Taurus will be a selective in nature and will not make friends in hurry, but when once he have decided and made someone his friend, he will wish him to be his friend for ever. However a Taurean may take several yeas to make a friend. If these two work together, they will learn many valuable lessons from each other and the mutual education could be fun and firecrackers. After the initial sparks cool, they may wonder what they could have possibly been thinking when they joined forces with someone so different from themselves. As both are fixed signs so the sexual attraction will be intense, mainly through the fascination of differences among the two. In the end, this relationship will only work out if both parties are willing to compromise and grow. The differences between them will be legionary.

Taurus may be notorious for their dislike of changes, but Aquarius thrives on the new and unusual. In fact, the more unusual, the better for Aquarius, which may have you looking for the nearest exit when he or she comes home with an ostrich she agreed to baby sit for a week or two. You, on the other hand, prefer the tried and true. Comfortable, familiar surroundings make Aquarius feel safe, and a secure Bull is a happy one. Taurus idea of heaven will likely to be a home-cooked meal followed by relaxing comfortably in his or her own garden patio, which Aquarius could do well to experience now and then. Everyone needs to be grounded, which is something they come by naturally. In return, their Aquarius partner can help them open up to the wonderful possibilities in life, and to be less afraid of an uncertain and changeable future. As an Earthy sign, Taurus may find it very hard to relate to the Water Bearer’s Airy sign nature. They thrive on outward and concrete expressions of affection, while Aquarius may seem detached and emotionally unavailable at times. Possessiveness is a natural instinct for them, but Aquarius is a fiercely independent and unpredictable soul.

The carefree and detached approach of an Aquarian to love may eventually disturb the highly passionate Bull who would always like to be taken seriously. Taurus might demand more commitment than you are willing to give, especially early in the relationship. Both are stubborn and when differences arise which is hard to overcome. An Aquarian will be a very special kind of woman who needs a very patient and special kind of man. Like any other thing she will be an individualist about romance and will make her own rules about loves as she goes along. She will also remain true to them and to herself and, this special quality of self honesty and integrity will attract the male to Taurus sign towards her like a magnet. Like a bull she will be fixed in purpose and intent being born under a fixed sign. She will also be an excellent organizer and like him she will also like to sane and accumulate things. Women born under Aquarius sign will not be modest in the company of their own sex. She will not be a woman who is obsessed with sensuality and eroticism although she may be quite curious about it. Her approach to lovemaking will be airy and complicated; his approach will be simple and earthy. Physical desire never runs as strong or as deep in Aquarius as it does in Taurus.

Sexual relationship between a Taurus woman and an Aquarius man may be frustrating and unfulfilling unless she caters to his need for change by matching madness. He will have to take the time and have the patience to understand and fill her deep hunger for affection and for the sensual in lovemaking. She will need expressions of love at time other than their sexual union. If the Taurus woman tries a little harder to be tolerant of his little sexual, emotional and romantic idiosyncrasies, a Aquarius man can be a sensitive and considerate lover.

Because both of them are fixed signs, they will be equally capable of great loyalty and devotion. It will be better for them to be friends than to be enemies, because as enemies they could potentially destroy each other. This is usually a difficult combination. Harmonious aspects between Moon and Ascendant can increase the potential for compatibility, and with patience and understanding this can be a rewarding relationship. The rigidity of the Taureans will incline the Aquarians to pack their bags and leave, so unless there are other favorable combinations exist in the horoscope, this match is not likely to be satisfactory in the long run unless you have strong external interests in common.


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