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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 28

Dr. Shanker Adawal


This could be a match made in heaven. Dreamy Pisces and romantic Taurus can be one of the most stable combinations of the Zodiac. Both signs love indulging in the pleasures of the senses. Ruled by Venus, they love everything beautiful and sensual, which is something their Piscean lover is likely to be. No matter what the Fish looks like on the outside, he or she knows the value of music, art, and culture in life. Spending time feeding their physical senses will be important for their relationship. This combination naturally attracts wealth.

If often seems that the faith of Pisces helps the practical dreams of Taurus come true, while the Bull’s artistic bent enhances Piscean creative imagination. Pisces could show Taureans more imaginative ways to make money and teach them the joys of sharing it with others along with the truth of the infallible universal law that the more you give, the faster it multiplies. As this is a 3-11 vibratory pattern, the meeting of these two natives will seldom be accidental. Like other 3-11vibratory pattern, the meeting of these two natives will seldom be accidental. Like other 3—1 influenced people, Taurus and Pisces will have abundant opportunities for happiness and harmony in this present existence together, if they are willing to accept the duties and responsibilities of past karmic obligations to one another. Basically Taurus and Pisces are tolerant of one another’s weaknesses but Taurus will be deeply concerned with the need for facing reality.

Pisces is ruled by spiritual Jupiter, which is said to be the higher octave of Venus, the ruler of Taurus. However, neither Pisces nor Taurus is crazy about initiating change and will often allow unsatisfactory conditions wear down the good feelings between them. By being too passive and accepting of each other, they can stay stuck in unproductive jobs and lifestyles. It might be a good idea for both to draw up a list of goals and chart their progress; otherwise they might just turn into a couple of couch potatoes. This is one of the most compatible and comfortable combinations of the Zodiac and together both will furnish a secure and luxurious setting for love. Both are highly passionate and sensual, although Pisces tends to be more emotionally volatile and there is some tendency to fall into a rut.

All Taurus-Pisces couples will not be so polarized by Pisces obstinate masculine superiority and Taurus timid feminine acquiescence. If their luminaries are harmonious they can have a rare and satisfying love relationship because they are compatible in many ways. Like others a Taurus man will appreciates a sympathetic ear to listen to his troubles, especially when it is attached to an attentive, geisha type female with a soft voice and gentle manners but he will also try to get away with as much as he can when a woman is so tolerant and understanding. A Pisces woman who falls in love with a strong bull must toughen up her ego if she want to know the magic tricks of turning him into a lovable animal. A Taurus man will find it easier to understand a Pisces woman if he remembers that she not only reflects back all the emotional vibrations in her immediate vicinity but also she absorbs them inwardly. The thing which may disturb the Taurus man is her approach to truth. She will see truth as what she feels and what she feels at the moment is always vulnerable to suggestion and susceptible to change.

The bull and fish both like peace and quiet. Most of the Pisces men have never been on time in their lives. Sexually, these two relate well to each other. A Pisces man approach to sex can be described as sensuous and romantic. A Taurus woman will also have this approach. Both of them will be determined to feel every possible shade and tone of sensual experience. However, their total happiness together depends on which kind of Fish he is. He can win her heart by honesty, fidelity and dependability as these are the basic things a Taurus woman required.

However, the temptation to overindulge will always be strong, especially when it comes to rich foods and alcohol. If you can incorporate moderate exercise and other healthy habits into your daily routine, you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures in life for many years together. Because Taurus is an Earthy sign and Pisces is a Watery sign, the chances are very good that this will be a fruitful union in more ways than one. Material success, creativity, and happiness can be their when they will in harmony with each other. However, if Taurus, as a fixed sign, will be an emotional quagmire. Pisces, ruled by healing Jupiter can bring inspiration and imagination to the relationship, while the bull, being more practical, can turn their shared dreams into reality. When these two come together to create a home and family by being the best that they can be; they will be remarkably successful in their attempt. This can be one of the most compatible and comfortable combinations of the Zodiac. It can be a very successful and rewarding relationship, in fact, overall it will be a perfect match.


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