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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 26

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Aries, the Ram, ruled by passionate Mars is a fiery sign, and Pisces, the Fishes, ruled by healing Jupiter is a watery sign. So the mixture can be quiet tricky. Sensitive Pisces and pioneering Aries can make a relationship work, but not without a great deal of compromise. One should remember to put time and effort into getting to understand one another if they want the relationship to work out. Aries is more decisive and direct, but also somewhat more naïve and simple (psychologically speaking)  than Pisces. The two can balance one another. Representing the beginning and the end of the zodiac cycle, Aries is symbolized by the brand new baby and Pisces by the very old soul. Since Pisces lies behind Aries on the karmic wheel, the Aries feels an instinctive tolerance for the foibles of the fish, somehow understanding the Piscean behavior even though it will differ so vastly from his or her own. Pisces is usually more than happy to serve the ego needs of the more self-oriented Ram, while the Ram can give the Fish a much needed charge of vital energy. If Aries gets too hotheaded with the sensitive Fish or Pisces gets too emotional with active Aries, the result is usually mutual dissatisfaction. Pisces can help impatient Aries hold back, but Aries can help Pisces move forward when courage and action is called for. When they work together with an understanding of their differences, they can be stronger and 
more effective as a team than individually.

Aries depends on Pisces’s sensitivity and gentleness to soothe, heal, and provide a sanctuary from the world of competing and achieving. Pisces on the other hand, admires and probably needs Aries’ forthrightness, honesty, and willingness to act boldly. Pisces is more of a giver, and can be very self-denying, while Aries is self-absorbed, and can unintentionally take advantage of Pisces’ generosity. Aries also lacks tact and subtlety some times, and inadvertently wounds Pisces’ tender feelings. However, this doesn’t mean that the traffic is all one way. Intuitive Pisces will at times take action, move ahead or even just drift away apart that straightforward Aries will find daunting to say the least. With time, patience and a loving understanding this can blossom into one of the more unusual relationships in the Zodiac. This is not a match made in heaven.

The sexual relationship between the Aries woman and Pisces man will be the eternal and beautiful mutual attraction of explosives activity and cool stillness. If there are other powerful planetary influences then it can also be the attraction of a potential conqueror for potential victim. With favorable planetary exchanges in their horoscopes, the Ram and the Fish could enjoy an exceptionally happy physical chemistry that could outlast periodic bickering or hurt feelings. A Piscean who wants to teach an Aries girl to float tranquilly in his pond must make a decision to level with her about everything and then stick to it.

It may seem that Aries is constantly demanding attention, while tender Pisces suffers in silence. However, both signs are exceptionally creative and will enjoy finding ways to keep passion alive. In the end though, there will need to be more than sexual attraction to keep you together. Finding common interests and goals is a must. While not the easiest match in the Zodiac, both can benefit and grow from the relationship with each other. Piscean imagination and mysterious allure will bring out a new sensitivity and romanticism in an Aries Lover. However, the Ram’s tendency to criticize may trouble the Fish. Tact is needed to cement this otherwise attractive partnership and, especially if there are compatible aspects between your Moon signs, this can be a long and rewarding association. It’s a satisfactory match.


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