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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 25

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The Aries and Aquarius will have one common outstanding thing that they both will curiously be attracted to anything new until they have extracted all the fun and truth from it. Then they will go away for the next new excitement. The Aries enthusiasm and pioneering spirit will certainly be well matched by the curious and unconventional Aquarian. Aries, the Ram is bold, and Aquarius is audacious, together they can create an ideal relationship. It will be a match that thrives on fun and adventure with a dose of tact and understanding. Aries, a fiery sign, is ruled by dynamic Mars, while Aquarius, an airy sign, is governed by a unique combination of the structured and responsible Saturn. Both of them are idealistic, brimming with new ideas they pursue together. Though Rams can get too excited at many times, it will need to be watched during any debate over differences of opinion.

Aries is creative and will always be full of new ideas while the Aquarius is adventurous, unorthodox and determined. They will find fabulously original ways to execute their well-thought-out plans. There will be a little difference between the two. Aries will love the glory and adores a challenge, while Aquarius will be more methodical and reasonable of the procedures. Intellectually they are well suited, for both have a wide range of interests and love to talk about them. In the end though, the Water Bearer will be patient enough to wait for the classic Ram performance to get over. There will be a perfect understanding between the two. Both are also independent and active individuals who appreciate progressive, dynamic approaches to any situation or problem, and the relationship has lively, spirited quality and are also iconoclasts as well, taking pride in their individual freedom from many traditional values and beliefs. Aries will be more concerned with personal creativity and, in some ways, less integrated into social groups and the community than Aquarius.

Aquarians are more detached and intellectual about problems than Aries, who becomes more personally involved. Aries will find the Aquarian unpredictability exciting, but never feels entirely secure. Neither of them likes to be dominated, but An Aries should be usually allowed to take the lead for the sake of peace, depending on the Aquarius temperament. Sometimes the Ram can be rather too possessive and demanding. The ego problem has to be ironed out to achieve a perfect balance in the relationship. The relation is well matched in their enthusiasm, energy, ambition, wide range of interests and drive, sexual fun and mutual love of achievement. Aquarius is one of the four human signs in the zodiac and therefore their passions will be more controlled than those of the Aries, the Ram, whose instinctive loves and hates often cause them to act from sheer animal urge or personal gratification of the ego.

There will be a lot of problems due to the fact that Aries being a Cardinal likes to lead and Aquarius being the fixed refuses to follow. Along with this both born under a masculine sign and in addition each ruled by a masculine planet, both of them are powerful and unpredictable planets; both signs will be equally explosive and forceful. Like Aries male who is born under a masculine sign, an Aquarius woman will be born under another masculine sign and therefore her attitude and action towards sex will be aggressively guided by her masculine sign. Because of benefic karmic influence of 3-11, it will bring in their relationship all kinds of beautiful bonuses and boosters to happiness and harmony. Once she has decided their relationship will be worth of her whole involvement, the sexual compatibility between the Aries and The Aquarius girl will contain the potential of being a rare and beautiful blending. She will be puzzled by the intensity of his desire and the overwhelming passion of his lovemaking.

The best part in an Aries-Aquarian relationship is that, no one tries to tie each other down, for they understand the other’s need for freedom, adventure, and outside interests. All said and done, this will be a perfect match.


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