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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Wealth & Prosperity through Gambling & Speculation, Chapter XVIII, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

He was, in a sense, the `unofficial central banker’ of the USA before there was a Federal Reserve and single-handedly saved the United States from bankruptcy on two occasions. He regarded coming to the `rescue’ of his country in such emergencies by providing the desperate United States government with huge sums it needed to continue its operations, just simply as his “providential duty”. Of course he profited handsomely from these gestures of largesse and his reputation as a benefactor of America rose in the eyes of millions. For such admirers he became a economic `saint’; for others he was a grasping `demon’.

He received an honorary degree from Harvard University that read: “Public citizen, patron of literature and art, prince among merchants, who by his skill, wisdom and courage, has twice in times of stress repelled a national danger of financial panic.”

Both Sun and Mercury, seventh lord and the fifth lord respectively, are in conjunction together in 3rd house of the horoscope. It helped him to earn wealth and riches through speculation in the stocks and share markets. Since the relationship of fifth lord with the lords of the Ascendant, second, or the seventh house indicates gain of wealth, prosperity and fortune through speculation. At the same time Rahu is also joining into this conjunction to give him sudden windfall profits in speculation.

Placement of his 5th lord Mercury in 3rd house of his horoscope gave him wealth and prosperity through the speculative means. Third house being eleventh from the fifth house, it was favourable for him to earn through speculation or by trading in the stock or share markets and helped him to accumulate enormous wealth and prosperity in his life.

Example 3: Warren Buffet

Birth Date: 30.08.1930

Birth Time: 15:00:00

Birth Place: Omaha, USA.

Balance of Dasha: Saturn

Placement of 5th lord in 7th house helps him to earn through investments in business and trade. It also helps him to earn enormous riches by gambling and speculation. In his chart the fifth lord Mars is also conjoined by a strong benefic Jupiter in the seventh house, which blesses him with strong fortune I trading and investment with stocks or the share markets.

As we know if a strong Jupiter gets positioned in second house or fifth house or with the lords of second or the fifth house in the horoscope then it bestows the native with success, wealth, prosperity and rise I fortune through speculative ventures. It can be seen in his chart that a strong Jupiter is in conjunction with the fifth lord to bestow him with success, wealth, prosperity and rise in fortune through speculative ventures.

Apart from this Rahu is placed in the fifth house of his horoscope which indicates occasional loss to him in speculation but it is also an indicative of strong sudden windfall gains of money to him through gambling and speculation in the stocks and share markets.

The placement of Mercury and Venus in conjunction together in the tenth house of his horoscope also favours him with good fortune and bestow him with success, wealth and prosperity through speculative ventures.

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  1. Warren buffet horoscope should be having venus in his own house. please recheck,


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