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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Wealth & Prosperity through Gambling & Speculation, Chapter XVIII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Speculation and Planets in Fifth House

Planets in 5th House
Results of Planets in 5th House
Harmful for speculations.
Earning from speculative means. Good for investments and earnings from stock markets.
Aggressive, rash and harsh decisions leading to loss in speculations.
Earnings and accumulation of wealth through speculative means, like trading in the stock and share markets.
Success in speculations. Earnings and accumulation of wealth through speculative means, like trading in the stock and share markets.
Earnings and accumulation of wealth through speculative means, like trading in the stock and share markets.
Loss of wealth through speculation.
Both good and bad for speculation and sudden gain of wealth and prosperity.
Bad for speculation, Loss of wealth in speculation.
Gives loss of wealth through speculation.
Gives loss of wealth through speculation.
Gives loss of wealth through speculation.

Example 1: Harshad Mehta

Birth Date: 29.07.1954

Birth Time: 10:20:00

Birth Place: Mumbai.

Balance of Dasha: Jup 0-1-28

Remarks: Born poor but gained riches as Stock Broker. Also got involved in a Stock Market scam in 1990-1991 and arrested in 1992. Jupiter and Mercury are placed in close conjunction together in 10th house but also in conjunction with Ketu.

Both Jupiter and Mercury in conjunction together in 10th house of the horoscope helped him to earn wealth and riches through speculation in the stocks and share markets, but at the same time Ketu joining this conjunction went on to destroy the good fortune earned by the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in the tenth house and brought disgrace to the native by getting him to indulge into unlawful means to earn quick riches.

Placement of his 5th lord Saturn in 2nd house of his horoscope gave him wealth and prosperity through the speculative means. It was favourable for him to earn through speculation or by trading in the stock or share markets and helped him to accumulate enormous wealth and prosperity in his life.

If a strong benefic planet occupies the tenth house and at the same time it is beneficially aspected by or in conjunction with another benefic planet in the horoscope then it confers success and enormous gain of wealth, prosperity and fortune through speculation. In his case Mercury as a strong benefic, being the lords of the ascendant and tenth house occupies the tenth house in its own sign and is conjoined by another benefic planet Jupiter, the lord of the seventh house. This conjunction of the two benefic planets in his tenth house blessed him with enormous wealth and prosperity through speculation and trading in the stock markets.

He made windfall profits in the Mahadasha of Mercury but his downfall began with the starting of the Mahadasha of Ketu. He was trialed and put behind the bars for manipulating the stock prices and he finally died in captivity in Jan 2000.

Example 2: JP Morgan / John Pierpont Morgan

Birth Date: 17.04.1837

Birth Time: 03:00:00

Birth Place: Hartford, USA.

Balance of Dasha: Venus

John Pierpont Morgan was one the most powerful financiers of the later nineteenth and early twentieth century. He amassed a tremendous fortune as a banker, a builder of railroads, and reorganizer of the steel, electric and telephone industries. Interestingly, he was a major source of support to Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla. For many years he and a small but immensely wealthy Oligarchy ruled over America’s major corporations, railroads, insurance companies, securities markets, and banks. He had a passion for organizing and reorganizing industrial trusts creating giant conglomerates such as U.S. Steel, General Electric and International Harvester.


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