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The Effects of the Avasthas of Mercury

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. If Mercury being situated in the Ascendant is gone in the Shayana Avastha, the native will always remain troubled with hunger, be lame-footed, his eyes will be red like gunjas; and if Mercury of the above stated Avastha is in other Houses than the Ascendant, the native will be greedy and also fraudulent.

2. If Mercury is in the Upavesha Avastha, the native will be endowed with all the good qualities; if he (Mercury) is aspected by or is in conjunction with a malefic planet, the native will be penurious; if he is in a friendly sign or in his exaltation sign, he will have the happiness of possessing wealth.

3. If Mercury is in the Netrapani Avastha, the native will remain bereft of education, learning and true knowledge and wisdom, will not do good to anybody, will not have satisfaction also and will be proud. If the Mercury of the above stated Avastha is in the 5th House, the native will be bereft of the happiness of the son and the wife, will have daughters only (and no sons), will be Pandit of the king’s court and be excellent.

4. If Mercury is gone in the Prakasa Avastha the native will be giver of alms, be kind hearted, be certainly doer of noble deeds and will be expert of many branches of learning, be full of true knowledge and wisdom, will break the pride of the wicked men.

5. If at the time of birth Mercury is in the Gamana Avastha, the native will always have going to and coming from other places, will mostly get lands from the king, will get a house adorned and decorated with many kinds of adornments and will be full of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth (or be wealthy).

6. If at the time of birth Mercury is in the Agamana Avastha, same effects as above.

7. When Mercury in exalted state, is in the Sabha Avastha, the native will always have the prosperity of wealth, there will be continuous increase of wealth. He will be noble, do religious deeds, he will be like Kuber in wealth or will get government service or some ministry, will have devotion in the feet of Vishnu and Shiva and will get complete salvation or release from the cycle of birth and death.

8. When at the time of birth Mercury is in the Agama Avastha, the work in hand will be performed by serving some person of mean or base origin, the native will get two sons and one daughter having all good qualities in her and giving respect and honour to her father.

9. If Mercury is in the Bhojana avastha, the native will have losses of money due to quarrels and disputes, they will be weakened due to the fear of the king, their minds will remain inconstant and unfixed and also they will not have the happiness of wives and wealth.

10. If Mercury is in the Nrityalipsa avastha the native, will be endowed with respect, conveyance, a number of gems like corals etc.; and will have friends and sons, be powerful and will be clever and learned in an assembly. If Mercury is situated in a Malefic sign, he will have sexual intercourse with a woman of loose character and will have this addiction.

11. If Mercury is in the Kauthuka avastha and is situated in the Ascendant, the natives will be skilful in singing and music. If Mercury in the above stated Avastha and situation is placed in the 7th or 8th House, the native will have love for a woman of loose morals, if he is in the 9th House he will pass his whole life in doing charitable deeds and will get salvation at the end.

12. If Mercury is in the Nidra avastha, the native will not get the happiness of having sound sleep, and will always suffer from bodily and mental agony, will be trouble by his brothers, always quarrels in family and causes destruction or wastage of wealth and respect.

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