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The Effects of the Avasthas of Mars

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. If at the time of birth Mars is gone in the Shayana Avastha, the native will have itching in many parts of his body, he will particularly have ringworm also.

2. If Mars is in the Upavesha Avastha, the native will be endowed with strength, will always remain engaged in evil and sinful deeds, be a liar, be always clever in debates or discussions, be full of wealth and bereft of his own religion.

3. If Mars being in the Ascendant is in the Netrapani Avastha, the native will always suffer from penury, if he is gone in some other House he will be the lord of the city.

4. If Mars is in the Pakasha Avastha, there will be the enlightenment of the native’s good qualities, the native will always live in foreign lands, such Mars increases the natives honour and respect from the king. If Mars of the above stated Avastha is in the fifth house the native will have separation from his wife and son.

If Rahu is also in conjunction with Mars, the native will fall down from a tree.

5. If Mars is in the Gamana Avastha, the native will make travels daily, have fear of many kinds of wounds, make quarrel with his wife, have much fear of suffering from ringworm and itching etc., and get losses of money from the enemy.

6. If Mars is in the Agamana Avastha, the native will be endowed with many qualities, will wear rosary of gems, will bear sharp swords, ride on an elephant, kill his enemy, remove the pain and trouble of his own kinsfolk.

7. If the exalted Mars is in the Sabha Avastha, the native will know all the techniques and strategies of warfare, and will be the nag of religion or be very religious, and very wealthy. If Mars is in the 9 or 5 House, the native will be bereft of learning and education; if he is in the 12 House he will be bereft of wife, sons and friends; if he is in other places than the above ones, he will certainly be the specialist or learned man of the court of king and will also be very wealthy, respectable and giver of charity of alms.

8. If Mars is in the Agama Avastha, the native will be devoid of religious deeds, will feel pain due to prolonged disease, there will be a big wound below his ear, he will be cowardly and will have company of the wicked.

9. If strong Mars is in the Bhojana Avastha at the time of birth, the native will eat sweets and sweet foods, will always do mean or base deeds, be devoid of honour and respect.

10. If Mars is in the Nrityalipsa Avastha, the native will get much wealth from the king and his residence and living rooms will always remain adorned with gold, gems, corals etc. and he will be great.

11. If Mars is in the Kauthuka Avastha, the native will indulge in games and sports and shows and will have love for them, will have many friends and sons. If Mars is exalted also, he will be the authority in the king’s court and will remain adorned with many excellent analyst of outstanding qualities.

12. If Mars is gone in the Nidra Avastha, the native will be wrathful, be devoid of intelligence and wealth, be deceitful, be fallen from religion and will suffer from disease for a long time.

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