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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: How to Decipher the Financial Prospects, Chapter II, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Example 2: R. K. Narayan

Birth Date: 10.10.1906

Birth Time: 04:30:00

Birth Place: Chennai.

Balance of Dasha: Rahu 16-7-27


Remarks: Writer and winner of Padma Bhushan award and Sahitya Academy Award. Moon is in close conjunction with the benefic Jupiter in tenth house.

20. Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter or Moon and Jupiter mutually aspecting each other or Jupter aspecting the Moon or Jupiter gets places in Kendra house from Moon.

Example 1: Queen Elizabeth II

Birth Date: 21.04.1926

Birth Time: 01:26:00

Birth Place: London.

Balance of Dasha: Merc 13-7-6

Remarks: Queen of Great Britain since Feb 1952. Moon and Jupiter are mutually aspecting each other.

Example 2: V.C. Shukla

Birth Date: 02.08.1927

Birth Time: 07:15:00

Birth Place: M.P.

Balance of Dasha:

Remarks: Member of Lok Sabha 1957-77. Moon and Jupiter are mutually aspecting each other.

21. Any association of Moon and Jupiter is always good for wealth and prosperity.

22. If the lords of 4th house and 9th house get placed in conjunction with each other within the Ascendant of any horoscope then the native is considered to possess good fortune, owns vehicles and houses in his life, he may also inherit ancestral property and wealth or any hidden treasure in his life.


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