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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: How to Decipher the Financial Prospects, Chapter II, Part - 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal


It is evident that the Kendra house and Trikona house in a horoscope is auspicious regarding wealth and prosperity of any native. And the Ascendant house is also considered most auspicious in any horoscope because of being the only common house for the Kendra houses and the Trikona houses.

The 4th house within an horoscope signifies pleasures, comforts, comforts of own house and own vehicles, peace of mind, stability in life, mother’s love, residence, lands, fields, pastures, farms, orchards, mines, buildings, ancestral property, hidden treasures etc.

The 9th house is the Bhagyasthana or the house of fortune and it is considered most auspicious house next to the Ascendant in any horoscope. It signifies good fortune, travel and means of transportation, travelling to far off places.

Therefore the conjunction of the fourth and the ninth lords in the most auspicious house, Ascendant, of a horoscope is bound to bless the native with good fortune, wealth, prosperity, vehicles and house to live in comfortably. Native is also likely to inherit ancestral property and wealth or any hidden treasure, as a result of the above auspicious combination in the horoscope.

Further in spite of the above auspicious combination the degree of the fulfillment of the results will also depend upon the inherent and positional strengths of the concerned planets, nature of the lord of the constellations which the concerned planets occupy an their placement in the chart along with the aspects falling upon the concerned planets and the concerned houses from the other planets. The actual results are mainly fulfilled during the periods of the favorable transits and during the periods of relevant planetary Dashas and Antardashas.

Example 1: Kumar Mangalam Birla

Birth Date: 14.06.1967

Birth Time: 08:45:00

Birth Place: Calcutta

Balance of Dasha: Ketu 0-10-9

Remarks: Grandson of Late G.D. Birla & chairmanof Aditya Birla Group. Venus, the lord of fourth house and the Jupiter, the lord of ninth house are in conjunction together and are placed in the Ascendant of the chart.

Example 2 Mark Twain

Birth Date: 30.11.1835

Birth Time: 04:45:00

Birth Place: Missouri, United States

Balance of Dasha: Merc. 7-7-24

Remarks: Journalist & writer. Saturn, the lord of fourth house and the Mercury, the lord of ninth house are in conjunction together an are placed in the Ascendant of the chart.


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