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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Ascendant or the First House, Chapter IV, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of Ascendant Lord Placed in Different Houses

First House

Placement of Ascendant lord in Ascendant gives good health and longevity to the native. Native becomes powerful and courageous in life. It also gives wealth and prosperity to the native. Native leads a happy and comfortable life. This placement of Ascendant lord gives name, fame, popularity, dignity and well beingness to the native. Native becomes powerful, wins over his enemies, gains wealth through marriage or spouse, enjoys good fortune and longevity. This native becomes master of his own fortune and also may undergo two marriages in life.

Second House

Placement of Ascendant lord in 2nd house gives wealth, prosperity and longevity to the native. Native lives a happy, prosperous and comfortable life. Native remains worried by his enemies and makes his own fortune by his own efforts in life. Native is generous, virtuous, good in character and nature, respectable and wealthy in life.

Third House

Placement of Ascendant lord in 3rd house makes the native courageous, disciplined and religious minded. Native earns popularity and reputation in the society. Native loves to travel and makes a wide friends circle in life. Native is hard working, laborious, is highly fortunate, respected, enjoy longevity, powerful, rich and wealthy. Native makes many short journeys in life.

Fourth House

Placement of Ascendant lord in 4th house gives longevity to the native. Native earns respect and honor from the government. This placement of Ascendant lord also blesses the native with ancestral land, property and wealth. Native is hard working, laborious and obedient to the parents. Native is bestowed with name, fame, popularity, happiness and prosperity in life. Native is virtuous, ambitious and sensual in nature, and earn prosperity by his own efforts and also by inheritance from the parents.

Fifth House

Placement of Ascendant lord in 5th house makes the native learned and intellectual. Native earns reputation and popularity in the society. Native earns enormous wealth and prosperity in life. This placement of Ascendant lord gives the native good fortune in speculative ventures. Native earns through speculations, like trading in the stocks and share markets. Native may also make wealth through gambling. Native may suffer difficulties from children, short tempered and irritable. Native enters into trade or diplomatic services in life.

Sixth House

Placement of Ascendant lord in 6th house gives a poor childhood but the native amasses some wealth at the later part of his life. Native suffers from poor health and enemies. This placement of Ascendant lord makes the native miser and selfish. Native remains sickly, troubled by enemies, courageous, but promotes and liquidates debts.


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