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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Ascendant or the First House, Chapter IV, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Jupiter in 1st house gives longevity to the native. It gives strong and well built handsome personality to the native. Native is learned and earns respect in the society. They make intellectuals, authors, writers, journalists, astrologers, religious leaders etc. in life. They are fond of social work and helping others. They earn enormous wealth and prosperity in their life. They remain happy and successful in their life. Native earns name, fame and popularity in the society. Native is disciplined, pious and religious minded. Native may also get honored by the government.


Venus in 1st house bestows the native with longevity and good health. Native possess a good looking and handsome physique. Native is soft spoken and earns name, fame and popularity in life. Native attains a high position in life and achieves success in his career. Native may also be honored by the government. Native loves to travel to places and may settle at a distant place from his native land. Native leads a happy and successful life with all comforts and luxuries of life.


Saturn in 1st houses gives good fortune in terms of wealth and prosperity, if the 1st house happens to be Libra or Capricorn; it makes the native very rich and happy in life. For the rest of the signs Saturn in 1st house gives misfortune and destroys the wealth and happiness of the individual.


Placement of Rahu in 1st house gives weak constitution and mental disease or disease in head of the native. Native passes through the phases of sudden gains and sudden losses in financial matters. Native remains unfortunate in terms of stability in wealth and prosperity in his life. Native becomes selfish and miser.


Placement of Ketu in 1st house is considered bad for wealth and prosperity in life but it gives wealth and comforts in life if the ascendant happens to be Scorpio. Native is instable in mind, mischievous and cruel in behavior. This placement of Ketu makes the native short lived.


Placement of Uranus in 1st house gives sudden and unexpected changes in the life of the native. This placement of Uranus brings misfortune to the native. Native may develop tendency to renounce the world and adopt spiritual life.


Placement of Neptune in 1st house gives unexpected experiences to the native. This native may develop tendency to renounce the world and adopt spiritual life. Native gives less importance to money rather work to achieve the goal of his life.


Placement of Pluto in 1st house gives interest towards astrology, occultism and spiritualism. Native earns wealth in life by his own effort. Native may frequently change his job or profession during his life.


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