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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Mercury in Virgo is good for wealth and prosperity of the native. It also gives sharp intellect and communication skills to the native. They make money in their life because of their intellect and skills. They lead a successful life in terms of wealth and prosperity. Such natives make good authors or journalists. They can also become good astrologer, astronomer, mathematician or a teacher in their life.


Placement of Mercury in Libra gives financial stability to the native. Such natives often make good lawyers or they have income from farming or agricultural means., This kind of native also makes good trader or dealer of jewellery, cosmetic goods or perfumes. They also earn from speculative ventures, like share and stock markets.


Mercury in Scorpio in not considered a good place for Mercury to be placed in. It results into loss of wealth. Native spends his wealth in treatment of his health or in the treatment of his family members. Native may also have to borrow to meet his expenditures and fall under the burden of debts. This placement of Mercury destroys health, wealth, prosperity and happiness of the native.


Mercury in Sagittarius makes the native learned and respectful in the society. Such natives are talented and honest by nature. They lead a satisfactory life regarding wealth and finance. They earn wealth in their life with hard work by their own talent, capability and knowledge.


Mercury in Capricorn makes the native hard working out slow to act. Though they are slow, the good point is that they are steady and laborious in life. They work in tune with the famous saying that “slow and steady wins the race.” Such placement of Mercury makes the native economical in nature and inclined towards entering into business. This native earns wealth by his determination and hard work but makes a slow progress in earning and accumulation of wealth and prosperity in his life.


Mercury in Aquarius makes the native hard working and the native makes quick progress in his life. Native earns money quickly in his life but in this process his health suffers. Native earns name and fame in life. Native remains short tempered and gets irritated quickly. This native values the worth of time and does not love to waste his time in non profitable purposes.


Placement of Mercury in Pisces is not considered good concerning the wealth and prosperity of any native. Native has work hard in his life and struggle for earning money and meet his financial requirements. Such natives remain a failure in their life regarding accumulation of wealth and prosperity. They work for others in their life and the others earn wealth as a result of their hard work.


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