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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Mercury is strongly related to finance and prosperity in any horoscope. It signifies brain of the native, his intelligence, skills, speech, logical analysis, analytical capability, liquid cash, liquid assets, financial dealings, trades, business and business partners etc. in a horoscope.

Mercury being the planet of intelligence it give sharp and analytical brain to the native. When it gets afflicted with Saturn or Rahu, it gives preserve intelligence and makes the native cheat, corrupt and deceitful by nature.

Mercury is highly sensitive planet and it delivers the result of the planets that it remain in conjunction with in a horoscope. If Mercury remains in conjunction with malefic planets then it delivers the malefic results and dampers the financial prospects of the native. Whereas if Mercury gets into conjunction with benefic planets in a horoscope then it delivers positive result for the native and helps the native in achieving financial success and prosperity in life.

Mercury in conjunction with Sun in a horoscope gives rise to Budhaditya yoga, which gives sharp intelligence, wealth, prosperity and resourcefulness to the native.

Mercury attains directional strength when it occupies the Ascendant of any horoscope. It signifies business and partnerships within any horoscope, therefore strong and unblemished Mercury is considered good for success in business and partnership ventures.

Strong and unblemished Mercury is also considered good for brain and intelligence of any person. It gives sharp intellect and ability to speak, express and explain things to others. It helps the brain to take quick and strong logical analysis and analytical capability, which helps to take quick and proper decision to trade or in business.

Strong and unblemished Mercury also gives good education, diverse knowledge and strong intellect to the native along with wealth and prosperity to the native.

Following are the results of Mercury placed in various signs of zodiac:


Mercury in Aries makes the native instable in career or business. They possess materialistic nature. Often they are deceitful and unreliable in financial matters. They frequently change their career or business.


Mercury in Taurus is good for wealth and prosperity of the native. It also gives sharp intellect and communication skills to the native. They are quick in decision and reach to high position in their life because of their intellect and skills. They lead a successful life in terms of wealth and prosperity.


Mercury in Gemini is also good for wealth and prosperity of the native. It also gives sharp intellect and communication skills to the native. It makes the native active, both mentally and physically. They are quick in decision making. They lead a successful life in terms of wealth and prosperity but love to spend money in travelling and outings.


Mercury placed in Cancer is not good for wealth and fortune. It brings instability in the career or business of the native. The native struggles in his life to earn wealth and meet all his financial requirements.


Mercury in Leo is gives a stable profession to the native, but he may have to travel frequently in his life in concern with his profession or business. It makes the native active and aggressive, both mentally and physically. They lead a successful life in terms of wealth and prosperity and the native is likely to marry early and inherit wealth from spouse.


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