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Effects of the Sub-Periods in the Major Period of Sun Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3
Effects of the Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Period of Sun
The Sub-period of Jupiter in the Sun Mahadasa will usher in destruction of enemies, acquisition of wealth through various sources, worshipping the Gods every day, adoration of Brahmins, elders and relatives, diseases of the ears and consumption of the lungs.
When Jupiter is in a Angles, or in a Trine to Ascendant, in his exaltation Sign, in his own Rasi, or in his own Varga. The effects, derived in the Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Period of Su are-
i) Marriage of the native, favours by the officials, gain of wealth and grains, birth of a son, fulfillment of the ambitions by the beneficence of the sovereign and gain of clothes will be the auspicious effects.
When Jupiter is the Lord of 9th house, or 10th house.
ii) Acquisition of a kingdom, comforts of conveyance, like palanquin (motor car in the present times), gain of position etc. will result.
When Jupiter is well placed with reference to the Lord of the Period.
iii) Better fortune, charity, religious inclinations, worship of deities, devotion to preceptor, and fulfillment of ambitions will be the auspicious effects.
When Jupiter is in the 6th, or in the 8th from the Lord of the Period, or is associated with malefic, the effects in his Sub-Period are-
i) Distress to wife and children, pains in the body, displeasure of the authority, non-achievement of desired goals, loss of wealth, due to sinful deeds, mental worries etc. will result.
ii) Giving in charity gold, a tawny-coloured cow (Kapila Gaya), worship of Ishta Lord (Ishta Dev) are the remedial measures to obtain alleviation of the evil effects and to achieve good health and happiness.
Effects of the Sub-Period of Saturn in the Period of Sun
The sub-period of Saturn during the Mahadasa of the Sun, - Loss of wealth, separation from children, diseases through female sex, loss of elders, heavy expenditure, unexpected loss of clothes, utensils, and other house hold goods or servants, great filth and phlegmatic ailments distinguish this period.
When Saturn in a Angles, or in a Trine from Ascendant.
i) Destruction of foes, full enjoyment, some gain of grains, auspicious functions, like marriage etc. at home will be the good effects, derived in the Sub-Period of Saturn in the Period of Sun.
When Saturn is in his exaltation, in his own, I a friendly Sign and, When Saturn is conjunct with a friendly Planet.
ii) Well-being, acquisition of more property, recognition by the officials, achievement of renown in the country, gain of wealth from many sources will be the effects.
When Saturn is in the 8th, or the 12th from the Lord of the period (Sun), or is associated with malefic.
ii) Rheumatism, pains, fever, dysentery-like disease, imprisonment, loss in ventures, loss of wealth, quarrels, disputes with coparceners, claimants etc. will be the effects in the Sub-Period.
When Saturn be in his Sign of debilitation. When Saturn is the Lord of 2nd house, or 7th house.
iv) There will be loss of friends at the commencement, good effects during the middle part and distress at the end of the Period. In addition to other evil effects there will be separation from parents and wandering, and there will be danger of premature death.

v) Giving in charity black cow, buffalo, goat and Mahamrutyunjaya Japa, are the remedial measures for obtaining relief from the evil effects of the Sub-period. These measures help to achieve happiess and gain of wealth and property.
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