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Effects of the Sub-Periods in the Major Period of Sun Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2
Sub-Period of Mars in the Period of Sun
During the sub-period of Mars in the Mahadasa of the Sun, the native suffers from loss of position and trouble from enemies; he suffers from diseases and wounds; misunderstandings arise with the relatives. There is danger from the authorities and loss of wealth too.
When Mars is placed in his exaltation Sign, or in his own Sign, or in an Angle, or in a Trine:-
i) Auspicious effects, like acquisition of land, gain of wealth and grains, acquisition of a house etc. will be derived in the Sub-Period of Mars in the Period of Sun.
When Mars is conjunct with the Ascendant Lord.
ii) All-round gains, attainment of the position of a Commander of the Army, destruction of enemies, peace of mind, family comforts and increase in the number of co-born will be the effects.
When Mars is in the 8th, or in the 12th from the Lord of the period (Sun), and Mars is associated with malefic, or Mars is without dignity and strength.
i) Brutality, mental ailment, imprisonment, loss of kinsmen, disputes with brothers and failure in ventures will result.
When Mars is the Lord of 2nd house, or 7th house/ Bhava.
ii) Destruction of wealth by the displeasure of the authority, will be the effect.
When Mars is in his debilitation Sign, or be weak.
iii) Diseases of the mind and body will result.
When remedial measure, like recitation of Vedic-Gayatri Mantras, Japa and Vrashotsarg, charity, donation of bull are performed in the prescribed manner.
iv) Recovery from ill health, increase in longevity and success in adventures are possible.
Sub Period of Rahu in the Period of Sun
During the sub-period of Rahu and the Mahadasa of the Sun, the native faces new enmities, wealth is lost or stolen, and troubles arise. There is danger from poison and a desire for sensual pleasures. The native suffers from severe headaches and eye sores.
When Rahu is in a Angles 1, 4, 7, 10, or in a Trine- 5, 9 from Ascendant.
i) There will be in the first two months loss of wealth, danger from thieves, snakes, infliction of wounds and distress to wife and children. After 2 months inauspicious effects will disappear, enjoyment, and comforts will start, in the Sub-Period of Rahu in the Period of Sun.
When Rahu is conjunct with benefic, or, When Rahu is in the Navamsa of a benefic.
ii) Sound health, satisfaction, favours from the officials and government etc. will be the favourable effects.
When Rahu is in an Upachaya (3,6,10,11) from Ascendant, or When Rahu is associated with a Yogkaraka, or is placed auspiciously from the Lord of the Period.
i) Recognition from the authority, good fortune, name and fame, minor suffering to wife and children, birth of a son, auspicious events in the family etc. will be derived.
When Rau is weak, or is in the 8th, or in the 12th from the Lord of the Period.
i) Imprisonment, loss of position, danger from thieves and snakes, inflection of wounds, happiness to wife and children, destruction of cattle, house and agricultural fields, diseases, consumption (Gulma – enlargement of the skin), dysentery etc. Will be the results.
When Rahu is in 2nd house, or 7th house, or, When Rahu is associated with the Lords of either of these Bhavas.
i) Adverse effects, like premature death and danger from snakes will be derived.

ii) Worship of Goddess Durga, Japa, giving in charity of a black cow, or female buffalo are the remedial measures for alleviation of the above evil effects, or total escape from them.

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