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Effects during the Major period of Saturn Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Now lelt us give out the result of the Saturn (Suryaputra) the most feared and considered a inferior and degraded one amongst allthe planets but it is not so, Saturn only teaches discipline and is a hard task master.

During the course of Saturn Dasa the native acquires wealth through war or other dislocations in the country. He gets attendant and old women; have cattle wealth such as cows, buffalos and bulls, distress to children and Wife; develops diseases due to wind and phlegm, piles, burning sensation in legs, hands and parts of his body.

Saturn period- with reference to their natural governance over certain affairs-

1. If Saturn be strong, benefic and well placed, during his periods, there will be gain of high position and authority, influence over masses and low class people, gain through servants, gain from lands and agriculture, cattle, business, etc. There will be general prosperity and happiness.

2. If Saturn is weak, malefic and badly placed, there will be loss of wealth, poverty, ill health, death of elderly members in the family, trouble through servants and low born people, loss of income from lands, quarrels and litigation, association with wicked people, misery, pains and rheumatic complaints, colic pains, over heat, fatigue, general debility, injury to body, ill health to wife and children or their death and even death of the native.

3. When, Saturn is in the sign of exaltation, own sign, friendly sign, Mooltrikona, the 9th house, or in the Navamsa of the exaltation or own signs, in the 3rd house, the 11th house.

The native is bestowed with recognition from the king (Government), accretion of wealth, pleasure of literary discussions, elephant ride at the behest of the king, Jewellery etc., high status, commander of the army, monetary gains, splendid happiness. The native gains through authorities (Government), prosperity at home, marriage (wife), birth of son etc.

4. If Saturn is posited in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th house, debilitated, combust – danger of poison and weapons, destruction of place, change of place, intense fear, agony of parents, grief of wife and children, antigovernment activities and misfortune, imprisonment etc., and distressful Effects there from are expected.

5. Saturn if conjoined with benefic and Yogkaraka planets, posited in Angles, Trine houses, the 11th house or in Pisces or Sagittarius sign.

Gain from authorities (Government), highly enthusiasm, comfort of clothes, elephant, horses (conveyance) etc., will be attained.

The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Saturn with reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Saturn:-

Saturn in deep exaltation -  lordship of villages, countries and assemblies, great pleasures and enjoyment, death to father and hatred of relations.

Saturn in exaltation -  change of country, fear from mental worries, sorrows, loss of cultivation, merchandise, and means of livelihood, quarrels with local rulers.

Saturn in ascending position i.e. in Virgo -  acquisition of money from kings gains from mercantile transactions, cultivation, lands, cows, horses, wife and children.

Saturn in Aaroha i.e. in Pisces -  loss of power, loss of wife, money and children, anger of kings and consequent losses, dependency, disease in anus and eyes.

Saturn in debilitation -  loss of children, wife and brothers, great danger, and loss of cultivation and wife, will have to manage with menial job or low paid service.

Saturn in Moolatrikona -  residence in foreign countries, two names or titles, lordship over town and hatred of wife, children and public.

Saturn in his own house -  hatred, strength, courage, reputation, patronage of king, gold, ornaments and servants and confidence generated by his position and surroundings.

Saturn in bitter enemy’s house – change of place, hatred of relations, fears from fire and robbers, disturbed food, and anger of servants, wife and children.

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