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Dasa of the Lord of the Tenth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

During the Dasa period of the lord of the 10th house, the native will achieve great success in any undertaking begun by him, lead a happy life, attain great fame, settle himself on a permanent position, will be tactful and of amiable disposition and enjoy great respect.

When the Dasa of the lord of the 10th house, who is weak, is in progress the native may engage himself in fruitless enterprises; may suffer from loss of honour; he may be a crook in his acts; be in exile; pass through a chain of unfortunate happenings; He may lead a miserable life and suffer accordingly.

10th lord. If the lord of 10th be strong and well, placed, during his periods there will be promotion in one’s profession or expansion in business. He will accomplish his works and will lead happy and contended life. He will be settled permanently in job and we widely renowned, command respect and occupy high position in society.

If the lord of 10th is weak, badly placed and afflicted during his periods the person may lose his profession or suffer loss in business. He will incur displeasure from superiors or State. He will lose position and status, and professional worries will increase, take to long journeys, lead a wicked life and be miserable.

The Period of the Lord of the Tenth Bhava. (Tenth House) (from classics)

1) If the lord of the tenth bhava (i.e. Raajyaathipathi) is posited in the tenth or eleventh bhava in combination with benefic and also the lord of the eleventh bhava (i.e. Lord of 11th house) the Native will surely be blessed with kingly power and status, he will become very famous, will be much honoured every where, will be endowed with competency and numerous armies, will be held in much esteem by all classes of people. He will be interested in charitable undertakings and institutions and will have Raja yoga. If the Lord of 10th house is weak, the results will be poor and the Native will have poor gains in his occupation or business and will get a poor promotion in his appointment.

If the planet concerned (i.e. lord of the tenth bhava-Dasamathipathi) is Mars, the Native will get wealth through taxes or assessments etc. and lands.

If it is Jupiter, the Native will rise in official cadre.

If it is Venus, he will have conveyances and ornaments.

If it is Mercury, he will be successful in his study and examinations, and thus, the results should be divined with much thought and consideration. These results would be spoiled if there is a malefic combination with the Lord of 10th house or if he is in the eighth etc. amsa.

2) If the lord of the tenth bhava is in the twelfth bhava in combination with the lord of the twelfth bhava (i.e. lord of the twelfth bhava-Vayathipathi) and has also a malefic yoga, the Native will have disgrace and ignominy or will be removed from service or occupation or will be reduced in official cadre or will have a set-back in his business or occupation etc.

If there is a benefic yoga, the Native will be employed in connection with chanting of Vedas and religious rites. If there is a malefic yoga, he will follow the occupation of a Menial. If the Lord of 10th house is a malefic planet, the Native will wander to a great distance unprofitably.

3) If the lord of the tenth bhava is in the Ascendant-bhava in combination with the lord of the Ascendant and has a benefic yoga, the Native will have much fame and name, will be the embodiment of kingly power and influence, will certainly become an illustrious minister of a king or a very great official and will be interested in charitable and noble pursuits.

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