Dasa of the Lord of the Ninth House Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

9) If the lord of the ninth bhava is posited in the fifth bhava in combination with the lord of the fifth bhava, the Native will enjoy happiness etc., through his father when the combination for realization occurs or will be patronized by a rich persons. If the Lord of 9th house is associated with the Ascendant lord, the Native will himself become dignified. During the period of the Lord of 5th house, he will enjoy much happiness or his son, being a very wise man, will become an assistant to a minister or a King with symbols of royal dignity and grandeur.

10) If the lord of the ninth bhava is posited in the sixth bhava in combination with the Lord of 6th house and also a benefic, the period of the Lord of 9th house will produce auspicious effects and the Native’s source of income will be bettered by an appointment of power or elevation of post in a court of justice. The Native will protect many servants, will be rich, will be possessed of conveyances and wealth, his wealth will go on increasing and he may sometimes inherit the wealth of his grandparents.
If Mars is in his own house, he will acquire wealth through lands. If Jupiter is in combination with them, the Native will have enormous riches. If the Sun is in combination with them, the Native will earn money through his learning or by being a scribe. If Rahu is in combination with them, the Native will be master of wealth belonging to thieves. If Saturn is in combination, the Native will always be an officer-in-charge of punishment or will be the head of officers, provided with Government official seals or of ambassadors. If the Lord of 9th house is weak, or posited in the eighth etc. amsa, the results will be poor.

11) If the lord of the ninth bhava is posited in the seventh bhava in combination with the lord of the seventh bhava and has also a benefic yoga, the Native’s wealth will be growing; he will sometimes acquire wealth in a foreign place, or his father will either be a minister or friend of a king in a foreign land, and the wealth of the family will increase thereby and the Native will be one born in a rich family and will therefore be happy, possessed of all means of comfort, convenience and luxury. He will enjoy pleasures through amorous women, perfumery and garlands etc.

If the Lord of 9th house is weak, the results will be poor and they will be the same, even when the Lord of 9th house is posited in the eighth etc. amsa. If Mars is in combination with them, the Native will acquire lands by living in a foreign place. If there is a combination with Jupiter, the Native will amass money. If Venus is in combination, he will derive happiness and comfort through the help of women.
12) If the lord of the ninth bhava is posited in eighth bhava in combination with the lord of the eighth bhava, there will be destruction of wealth, or certainly the death of the father of the Native, or sorrow and misery due to poverty. If these planets are situated in a movable rasi, the Native will be wandering without any advantage in a foreign place. If there is a benefic yoga, the results will be of a mixed nature.

If the Lord of 9th house is weak, the Native will be afflicted with poverty, his body will become weak, through sorrow and the results should be predicted according to the bad combinations as mentioned already. If the Lord of 9th house is in debilitation or combust or in an inimical rasi, he will always produce sorrow. The results of a planet’s period and sub-period should be wisely determined with reference to the nature and significations of the planets involved as per rules already set fourth above and also by taking into account the good or bad combinations and the planetary positions.

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