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Assessing the Effects of Sub-Periods of a Planet Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

15. If a planet, whose Major period is running, happens to be weak, eclipsed by the Sun, in its depression or inimical house in a nativity, that planet during his transit over any house, causes total destruction of that House.

16. When the Moon transits over a sign which happens to be the exaltation sign of the lord of the Dasa, or a friendly house, the 3rd, the 6th, the 10th, the 11th, a Trine or the 7th house with respect to the lord of the Major period, the result will be happy. Should the position of the Moon during her transit is different from what has been stated above the result is most unpleasant.

17. Should a planet, whose sub-period is running, during the course of his transit at the time pass over his depression or inimical house or become eclipsed, the native will suffer greatly. Should this planet pass through his own house, exaltation house or be retrograde, the result will be good.

18. The good effects of a planet, whose sub-period is auspicious, will be manifested when the Sun in his transit traverses over the exaltation sign of the said planet. Similar result will be experienced by the native if Jupiter transits the place. Further, the planet whose sub-period is inauspicious causing bad or evil effects the result will be felt when the Sun transits over the depression or inimical sign of the sub-period lord.

19.  Rahu gives good or bad effects depending upon the nature of the planet he associates with. That planet, though good and benefic by himself, will, due to his association with Rahu, especially cause evil effects during the concluding period of his Dasa.

20. The 2nd and the 7th houses are said to be two Maraka Houses i.e. death inflicting places in any birth chart. When the lord of these or the planets occupying them are powerful they inflict death during their Dasas. If the lord of the 8th or that of the 12th house is weak death of the native may be expected during the sub-period of either of them.

21. The Dasa of the planet owning an Angle will be unfavourable if he is auspicious and it will be favourable if he happens to be inauspicious. The Dasa of all the planets who own the Trines (1,5,9) is auspicious. The lord of the 3rd, the 6th and the 11th houses even if they are auspicious will cause evil only. The lord of the 8th house, should he also own the Ascendant will prove auspicious. The Sun or the Mon, even when they own the 8th house, gives only good effects.

22. When the lord of the Trine occupies an Angle and that of the Angle, a Trine House it will be very auspicious for the native. These two planets during their sub-period in each other’s Dasas will enrich the effects of each other and so co-operate to make the period auspicious.

23. All the planets do not give good or bad effects to the native, according to the Houses they own, during the progress of their own sub-periods in their respective Major Period.

Find out all those planets, which are related to the particular planet, whose Dasa is under examination. Also note the planets, if any, who are similarly situated (whether for good or bad) i.e. holding a position co-ordinate to the one under consideration.

It is only in the Sub-period Dasas or sub-periods of these planets that this original planet is related will show his effect in his main Dasa.

24. The lords of an Angular house and a Trine house should they be by themselves capable of causing evil, by being owners of other bad house, become powerful by their mere relationship in the Chart, to produce Yoga and they make the person concerned prosperous.

25. When out of the lords of the 5th and 9th, one of them is related to a powerful planet owning an Angle, he becomes a Yogkaraka and powerful enough to promote the prosperity and well-being of the native.

26. When the lord of an Angle is in conjunction with the lord of the Trine both of them become powerful enough to promote the prosperity of the man concerned. Should the lord of another Trine House also be related, the native’s prosperity shall be never ending.

27. When planets, even if by themselves they are malefic, if related to a Yoga karaka planet capable of producing prosperity, they produce good effects promoting affluence and happiness during their sub-period.

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