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Rules for Interpretation of Period of Planets Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

1. A planet gives the result due to its position in a House, Sign, Aspect, conjunction, means of living ascribed to it, etc. during its Period and Sub-period.

2. If the planet is very powerful or is in his highest exaltation degrees, during its Period, shall give health, wealth, etc. It is called Sampoorna.

3. If the planet is weak or in his fall, during its Period, it is called Rikta or empty and would give loss of wealth, etc.

4. If a planet is some what powerful and exalted, during his Period, he would be effective and may bring some wealth.

5. If a planet is in his extreme fall, or debilitated in Navamsa or inimical Navamsa; his Period is called Anishta and would cause loss of wealth, and health etc.

6. If a planet is proceeding towards his fall, his Period is called Avarohi or descending and gives troubles and difficulties. If this planet during the said passage is occupying a friendly, exalted or own Navamsa shall be fruitful and the period would be middling, neither very good nor very bad.

7. The Period would be Aaroha, if the planet is proceeding in the direction of his exaltation. The results would be auspicious; This same would be Adhama or worst if during his passage he occupies a debilitated or inimical Navamsa, he would cause very little good.

8. During the Period of a planet occupying his exaltation sign, Own house or a friend’s house, but in his debilitated or inimical Navamsa, the 1st half of the native’s life shall be good and the latter would be mixed

9. During the Period of a planet occupying his friend’s house, exaltation house, Own house, Mooltrikona, a Vargottam Navamsa or own Varga, the results shall be favourable and encouraging.

10. During the Period of a planet that is set, posited in an inimical or debilitated Navamsa, the native would pass through many troubles and untoward happenings.

11. During the Avarohi and Adhama Period of a planet, the native would pass through great difficulties.

12. When the Period of a planet is Aaroha and Madhya, the native would experience many auspicious results.

13. In the case of the Period of a planet that is associated with or aspected by a benefic, that has got more rays and is occupying a Kendra or a Trine house, the native would find, it most auspicious and if the planet be occupying otherwise it shall be most troublesome.

14. The nature of the Ascendant Period shall correspond with the Decanate occupied by the Ascendant.

In the case of movable sign it is Uttama, Madhaya and Adhama according as the Ascending Decanate is 1st, 2nd or 3rd one. In the case of a dual sign, this order is reversed. In a fixed sign it shall be bad, good or mixed, if the Ascending Decanate be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd respectively.

15. If the Period belongs to a retrograde planet, the native would suffer fall I position, loss of honour and happiness, etc.

16. If a planet is occupying a house other than the three Dusthana (6, 8, 12), the desires and aspirations of the native shall be fulfilled.

17. If the lord of the Period is inimical to that of the Ascendant, there is possibility the native becoming irrational and danger from the sovereign.

18. The Period of a planet if associated with Rahu, shall give untoward effects.

19. If the lord of the Ascendant is in the 8th house, the native shall face much trouble and many hardship during his period.

20. During the Period and Sub-Period of a malefic planet, the native shall undergo loss through enemies and meet great danger.

21. The Period of a very friendly planet where Ishta prevails shall be best; that of a very inimical planet shall prove unfavourable; that of a neutral one shall be ordinary.

22. The Period of the Lord of the Ascendant shall bring power and wealth to the native.

23. The Period of the lord of the 2nd house shall give trouble but wealth also.

24. The Period of the lord of the 3rd house shall generally prove unfavourable.

25. During the Period of the lord of the 4th house, the native shall be fortunate and acquire good 
houses, etc.

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