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Results of Major Periods Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

This is however a general principle and it stands to be modified if Jupiter becomes a Yogkaraka or has some special distinction by way of exaltation or situation in the Ascendant, or the 10th or 2nd or the 11th or the 9th house.

The above tabulation will also enable us to anticipate that in the course of the Major Period of the planets which are supposed to give ordinary results, beneficial results will happen within the sub-periods of those whose major periods are supposed to prove highly fortunate. Thus if you take Jupiter and Saturn, then Saturn’s Sub-period in Jupiter’s Major Period will be highly fortunate.

The combinations of the Moon and Mars, Jupiter and Mars, and Jupiter and the Moon go under the special distinction of Chandramangalayoga, Gurumangalayoga and Gajakesariyoga respectively and out of the two planets causing each Yoga; one becomes capable of producing much more favourable results than the other.

It will be seen that only “ordinary results” will happen in the Major Period of the other planet and not unfortunate results.

1. Rahu will confer Raja Yoga and much fame in his Major Period if he joins a quadrant or a trine.

2. If Jupiter, Mercury and Venus join together or are in mutual aspect, the native becomes very wealthy, famous and fortunate.

3. The native will earn much wealth in Venus Major Period if Venus is in conjunction with or aspected by Mercury or Jupiter.

4. The native becomes bereft of wealth in the Major Period of Jupiter and mixed results will be produced in the Major Period of Mercury.

Notes- Rahu when occupying a Kendr (quadrant) or Trikona (trine) is supposed to give rise to Raja Yoga in his Major Period.

1. If Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are in mutual conjunction, or aspect, one becomes fortunate and wealthy.

2. All these three planets are benefic (Mercury becomes benefic here as he will be with the other two benefic) but only one of the three in combination can really enable the native to acquire wealth in his Major Period.

3. If Venus is in conjunction with or aspected by Mercury or Jupiter, then:-

a) Venus confers wealth in his Major Period.

b) Jupiter causes loss of wealth in his Major Period and

c) Mercury produces mixed results in his Major Period.

Each of these three planets to produce the results ascribed above, they must conjoin together or aspect each other.

1. If Venus and Jupiter make up the combination the latter gives evil results and if Venus and Mercury cause the combination, the latter produces mixed results.

2. If the Sun and other planets combine together, the Sun confers fame and wealth in his Major Period while the other planets give ordinary results.

3. Of the several planets who are in conjunction with or aspected by Rahu, the strongest one gives the results indicated by it.

4. When Rahu, the Sun and Saturn are in the 3rd, Rahu gives rise to courage and fortunate in his Major Period.

5. Learned says that during the Major Period of Rahu one becomes timid if Mercury is in the 3rd house.

Notes- If planets are in conjunction with the Sun, they become astangata or combust. Combustion occurs when the planets are very near the Sun. Otherwise it cannot be called combustion.

1. If the Sun and other planets join together the Sun confers fame and fortune in his Major Period while ordinary results will be given by the other planets.

2. For example Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in conjunction with Rahu. Of these three let us assume that Jupiter is the most powerful and he owns the 5th house and occupies the 9th house. Then Jupiter alone will be able to produce in his Major Period results of his indication, viz., children and fortune. The indications of the other two planets become more or less defunct.

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