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One of the peculiar features of this system is the importance given to Deha and Jiva

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. In the Savya order of Nakshatras, the first of the signs indicated by the formula signifies the Deha and the last (or 9th) signifies the Jiva. For Example:-

Take Punarvasu (Savya group) first quarter:-

1. According to the formula, Aries, the first sign is the Deha and Sagittarius the last sign is the Jiva. In regard to Mrigasiras 2 (Apsavya) the Jiva is Gemini and the Deha is Taurus.

2. When Deha is conjoined by malefic planets there will be much bodily affliction. When Jiva is afflicted, death or a calamity is shown. Affliction to Deha or Jiva by more than one malefic planet signifies calamitous happenings. Death can take place in the Dasa of the Rasi corresponding to the afflicted Deha or Jiva.

3. When benefic occupy Jiva and Deha signs auspicious results may happen. Serious disease or even ultimate death is likely when two or three malefic afflict Deha or Jiva.

According to Classics, when the Sun, Rahu, Mars or Saturn joins either Deha or Jiva, death is certain to occur in the Dasa of the sign of Deha or Jiva.

It is necessary that in the interpretation of the affliction to Jiva or Deha, mind should be intelligently applied, so that a deterministic approach is not taken and a literal interpretation is avoided, only inference to be drawn.

Astrology being a science of tendencies – the interpretation cautions us, that the person’s health may be severely affected so that appropriate remedial measures could be resorted to.

Any malefic in Deha Rasi signify disease,

1. while Jiva afflicted likewise indicates extreme fear and apprehension.

2. If two malefic afflict- mental suffering,

3. If three malefic- accidents; and four malefic denote certain death.

If Deha and Jiva are both occupied by a malefic, fear from the rulers, trouble from thieves should be anticipated.

1. If Sun is the afflicted planet, likelihood of out-break or fear of fire;

2. If waning Moon is the afflicting planet, fear of downing or accidents involving water,

3. Mars causes injury from weapons or dangerous instruments;

4. Mercury causes inflammation of Vata in body;

5. Jupiter causes trouble in the stomach;

6. Venus indicates fire accident;

7. Saturn afflicting Jiva-health problem involving the spleen (gulma diseases);

8. Rahu or Ketu indicates fear of being poisoned or being bitten by venomous insects, or atmospheric pollution, etc.

If Deha and Jiva signs are occupied by Mercury, Jupiter or Venus, one can experience comforts in life, good fortune and redemption from sorrow.

If both benefic and malefic influence Deha and Jiva, mixed results will follow.

In Kala Chakra Dasa- By drawing vertical and horizontal lines, prepare 2 Charts, Savya and Apsavya, of 12 Compartments each. From the second Compartment in each Chart fix the Rasis-Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Tula, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Then Nakshatras may be incorporated in the manner, indicated hereafter. These Charts, indicative of the 12 Rasis, are called Kala Chakra.

1. Write Asvini, Bharani and Krittika in the Savya Chakra and Rohini, Mrigasiras, Ardra in the Apsavya. Then incorporate the three following Nakshatras, Punarvasu, Pusya and Aslesa in the Savya and Magha, P. Phalguni and Uttaraphalguni in the Apsavya.

2. Then incorporate the three following-Hast, Citra and Svati in the Savya and –Visakha, Anuradha and Jyestha in the Apsavya. Then incorporate- Mula, Purvasadha and Uttarasadha in the Savya and

3. Sravana, Dhanistha and Satabhisaj in the Apsavya. Finally incorporate the last three Nakshatras-Purba bhadrapada, Uttar bhadrapada and Revati in the Savya Chakra.

4. Now there will be 15 Nakshatras in the Savya and 12 Nakshatras in the Apsavya, (because for the 12 Rasis there are 12 Padas of 3 Nakshatras,- the Navamsas). The Padas of Asvini, Punarvasu, Hast, Mula, Purba bhadrapada, Krittika, Aslesa, Svati, Uttarasadha and Revati of the Savya should be reckoned in the same manner, as the Padas of Asvini.

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