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Know About Personal Investing in Vedic Astrology Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

 (a) Introduction

In the April 1964 issue of Horoscope magazine, the author stated, “a keen student of market conditions, who is a professional market analyst, recently published the results of a study which indicated that the observed correlation between the trends of business activity and the stock market during the past 50 years has only been about 15 percent. The stock market sometimes correctly anticipates a turn in the business cycle by from six to nine months. At other times, a sin the Spring of 1962, the stock market decline had no appreciable repercussion on the business cycle.

“The same stock market analyst stated that 80 percent of market trends are caused by fluctuations in investor psychology – fear, excitement, greed and over optimism. In answer to the writer’s question whether investor psychology was measurable, he answered yes, but decline to reveal how it was done. It is apparent that it is one of the `trade secrets’ he was not inclined to reveal. But, students of astrology are familiar with Dr. Carl G. Jung’s statement, “Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

A more recent investment advisor stated, “Despite all the computers and all the fundamental and technical analysis, investor psychology is still the most significant factor in market behaviour. Actually, so-called technical analysis, whether based on computer studies or not, is simply an attempt to measure and evaluate on a mathematical basis, the psychological condition of the market.”

Napoleon once said that greed and fear were the two levers by which men are controlled. The most common manifestation of greed in the market place is the refusal of most speculators to sell out and take their profits at market tops. Fear, of course, is the cause of panics and crashes. Only by keeping your emotions under control, can you increase your real wealth by sound investments.

The story is told that during 1858, the Year of Revolution, Baron Rothschild was buying French bonds. A friend asked him why he was buying bonds when the streets of Paris were running red with blood. The Baron replied, “That’s why I am buying.” But it takes courage to buy during a panic and it takes strength of character to sell at the top of a boom. Thereafter buy during panics and sell during booms!

(b) Who should invest or speculate

The dictionary gives the following definitions, “Invest-to lay out money or capital in the purchase of property for permanent use as opposed to speculation. Speculate – to make an investment involving a risk, but with hope of gain.” Disregarding real estate, bonds have for centuries been considered to be the safest investments, but in recent years, with interest rates fluctuating wildly between 10 and 20 percent, bonds have become just as speculative as stocks. While falling interest rates result in rising bond prices, stocks will outperform bonds. What, then is a conservative individual to do with his or her surplus funds in order to build up a next-egg for the future? Here is where natal astrology provides the answer, through the following:

(1) One must have an accurate natal chart.

(2) Look to the second house of the natal chart, which indicates money to be made by the native through his own efforts, i.e., through investment in conservative or growth stocks. He will succeed if the Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter are in the second house or rule the sign that is on the cusp of the second house. He will have difficulties if Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune on Pluto are involved.

(3) Look at the fifth house of the natal chart, which indicates money to be made through speculation. Successful results will be obtained if the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter or Neptune (the planet of speculation) are in the fifth house or on its cusp. Losses will occur if Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto are involved.

(4) However, an afflicted Jupiter or Neptune in the fifth house is indicative of bad judgment, due to over optimism, while a well-aspected Saturn in the fifth house would indicate caution.

(5) The conservative investor will probably have Saturn in either the second or fifth houses. Such an individual should put his or her surplus funds into Certificates of Deposit, which are guaranteed by the U.S. Government or in the higher interest paying Money Market Funds, which, although not guaranteed by the Government, are practically risk free.

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