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Introduction Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

The Generalised Rules to Judge the Planetary periods in brief are as follows:-

1. Consider the positions and affections of the period planet properly, for even a good planet will not bear good fruit during its period, if it be ill affected by sign or position, or afflicted by the majority of malefic planets, or in divisional charts like Navamsa.

2. The sub-period planet must be considered in the same way as the period planet, but in addition thereto its relations with the period planet must be taken carefully into account; for though the planets have natural enmity and friendship existing between them, and due to their respective natures, yet when the sub-period planet is in good aspect/relationship to the period planet it will produce good, even though these planets be natural enemies. Similarly, friendly and benefic planets will not produce good fruits, if weak or afflicted, or themselves afflicting (by position) the period planet to which they are related.

3. The effects of the ruling or karaka planets are intensified at such time as the Sun or major planets may be transiting through the signs occupied by them or the signs over which they rule.

4. The sub-sub-period planets are considered in the same manner, in regard to the sub-period planets to which they are related, as these latter are to the period planets. It thus happens that even when the period is a good one, as shown by the position and affections of the period planet, yet there are sub-periods, and again sub-sub-periods, when evils may naturally arise.

5. The general effects of the planets thus related must be taken into account, and their natural relations, as well as their temporary relations in the horoscope, must be well considered. Thus, Saturn and Sun, although natural enemies by sign and exaltation, may be respectively in Libra and Leo, in which case they are in temporary good relations, occupying the third and eleventh signs respectively from one another. Judgment is made accordingly, but it is to be understood that a temporary friendship will not entirely overcome a radical and constitutional enmity.

6. The effects will further have relation to the nature of the house corresponding to the sign occupied by the sub-period planet, in the period under consideration. Thus if the period be that of Sun, and the sub-period be that of Venus, and Venus be in the sign Aquarius, the effects will fall out in relation to the eleventh house affairs; if Venus be in Libra, then seventh house affairs will be affected.

7. The sign, counted from the Ascendant, will give a further element of interpretation. Thus if, in the sub-period of any planet, that planet occupies Leo, and Scorpio and is in ascendant, the effects will fall on the tenth house affairs.

8. The number of the signs counted from the period to the sub-period planet will give the house corresponding thereto, over which the effects will hold sway. Thus:- Sun in Virgo and Venus as sub-period planet in Scorpio will show the third house affairs to be affected.

9. The houses in the horoscope ruled by the planet whose period, sub-period, or inter-period is considered must also be regarded as affecting.

10. Rahu and Ketu (Dragon’s Head and Tail) have no houses, but transmit the influence of the signs they are in, and of the planets to which they are conjoined. The Dragon’s Head has affinity with the sign Scorpio, and the Dragon’s Tail with the sign Taurus.

11. If the inter-periods of the different sub-periods be taken into account, the above “effects” will apply equally well to those also, by counting the sub-period planet as a period planet, and the inter-period planet as a sub-period planet. In this way the prognostics serve for every period of life, from the greatest to the least, allowance being made for the relations of the significators in the minor periods. In all cases the effects due to the Lord of period are of prior importance, the sub-periods-lord and sub-sub-periods-lord following in subsidiary order.

12. During the period and sub-period of a very well disposed planet, nearly all type of benefic result are likely. Similarly, when the sub-period planet under consideration is ill disposed in all respects then the native faces all sort of problems during that period e.g. when Mars is debilitated and badly aspected, then the spouse may suffer or the native may have a car accident or loss of property.

13. During the sub-period of two planets having an exchange of their signs in Birth chart, especial results are possible e.g. when Sun is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Leo, then during each others period or sub-period excellent effects are experienced pertaining to the houses and planets thus related.

14. In the major period, it is the sub-period planet which will be more effective to give results e.g. when Moon and Mars are in conjunction, then in the Moon-Mars period accident, injury, violence and such happening are more likely. But during Mars-Moon period more beneficial effects will be experienced according to the Mars lordship of houses. As Mars work as an motivator for the Moon (mind) thought and actions.

Travelling Direction

In judging of the direction in which a person will travel, when such is shown in the horoscope, or again in the Period., Sub-Period, and sub-sub-Period, effects, the following rule is usually taken:-

1. The first house, with its complements twelfth and second, governs the South.

2. The tenth, with ninth and eleventh, governs the East.

3. The seventh, with fifth and eighth, governs the West; and

4. The fourth, with third and fifth, governs the North

Therefore, Mars rules the East; the Moon rules the North; Venus governs the West; and Saturn the South.

Judgment is chiefly to be made from the houses, and next, but subserviently, from the signs occupied by the planets.

In the forthcoming chapters we are attempting to give a clear and concise presentation of the essential facts of Dasa systems, and intricacies of Vimsottari Dasa, as preached by the ancient Seers and from our own experience.

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