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Introduction Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Astrology is the branch of knowledge of certain mysteriously secret relationship between the Celestial bodies and terrestrial life.

Observations prove that trends in human experiences correspond to movement of the Planets in the Solar system. It is a matter of common experience that the ailments of a rheumatic or asthmatic patient are usually aggravated on 11th day of the bright or dark Moon fortnight and the new and full Moon days. Physicians all over the world as well as layman have noticed the changes of developments of labour pain on these days.

Natal astrology is the study of these relationships in regard to human life; it classifies and correlates causes and effects, thus explains the natural laws that connect stellar dynamic causations with the Native’s behaviour or the mundane events.

Life is short, Any branch of knowledge is vast, so is astrology- applied astronomy. Judgement on a Nativity is difficult, and therefore it is necessary, that a person interested in astrology should diligently read the writings of others, who have treated rationally this science, or Art of predictions and make it his business to find out the true natural causes of things by experience, to know the certain positions and procession of the planets and constellations, etc., but above all be sincere lover of truth.

There is in life of every man an instant which decides his entire future. Almost always it is chance which has taken the person like the wind does to a leaf, throwing him into a new and unknown situation, where once he has entered in is obliged to obey a superior force. The person does becomes the slave of circumstances, however still free to play things according to his free will, but with in the limits of strengths and weakness of the planetary configuration his birth. Well, the Dasa systems are one such method to give us timely pre-warning for pre-arming, to bring emotional, psychological and attitudinal balances in his life.

A Vedic or Hindu Dasa system is one of the unique methodologies developed by the ancient Seers. The various Dasa studies indicate certain predispositions or tendencies in human life, which some times, are so clear that they become virtual certainties. Experience is the great test, and had not the experience proved to the truth of the deductions of various Dasas methods.

Vimsottari Dasa corresponds to the complete circle of 360 deg, which is three times the span of maximum life- one hundred and twenty years. The Zodiacal circle when divided into twenty-seven constellation each of 13 deg 20 min, and the life span of one hundred and twenty years when divided by nine, gives thirteen years and four months, thus there is a proportion of one deg for each year of life. Further to simplify matters, observe the starry sign where Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu with mean motion (speed) joins, upon any birth chart, and we have the clue to Naadi predictions.

The Principles of predictions are three- Logic, Sense, and Experience, but the main principles of operations are four – The Planets, the Constellations and the positions of all these in respect of one another, and the Native’s backdrop. An astrologer should be thoroughly acquainted with the complete commixtures and distinct virtues or powers of all the Planets and the Stars, and the influences of these on a Nativity, then only it will be possible to declare what will happen by or from such motions of the Heavenly bodies, and by consequence can correctly foretell future events imprinted on the mortals.

While judging the effects due to the planets in the horoscope and their successive combinations in the period, sub-period and sub-sub-period after birth, the general significations of the planets must be taken into account.

In general, it is necessary to take into consideration, when judging the effects of a planet, (1) its natural ruler-ship in the order of the signs; (2) the house (Bhava) occupied by it; (3) the house, or houses, over which it rules in the horoscope.

The judgment concerning any planet is derived from a consideration of its ruler-ship in the signs and the Bhava (houses) occupied by those signs, in addition to the place of the planet itself, its general nature, and its sympathies and antipathies in the natural world and in humans.

For this reason, the Moon is strong in the second and fourth houses; the Sun in the fifth and first; Mars in the first and eighth; Saturn in the tenth and seventh, etc., irrespective of the signs in which they are found; for they have affinity with these several houses by their affinities in the Kalapurusha (world-soul), the horoscope of which is of Mesh Lagna (Aries for rising sign), during the whole of Kali Yuga (the present age), i.e., the Dark, or Iron Age.

During the Periods of a planet- As the general effects of the horoscope is derived from the configurations and conditions of all the planets, taken as natural significators for the whole life, so, in judging of the effects of any period of the life, attention must be paid to the condition (by position and configuration) of the planet ruling that period as determined by the Dasa calculation, i.e., the dividing of time (the life-period) into its periodical sub divisions i.e. periods, sub-periods, and sub-sub-periods.
Its basis is the Moon longitude at birth. According to the condition of the planets ruling the required period, the life and fortunes of the native will be affected.

During the Sub-Period of a planet- The effects are considered in relation to the general effects due to the planets governing the period in which they fall, and they are subsidiary to the effects promised by the period planet (Lord). Then, if the period-Lord shows good effects, it does so from its position and aspects at birth, and an evil sub-period-Lord cannot counteract its effect wholly, but some good will remain behind. The result is similar when, mutatis mutandis, the Period planet is evil and the Sub-Period-Lord good. But when both agree in nature and point to the same end, then the effects are forcible and decided, either for good or evil, as the case may be.

During the Sub-sub-Periods- The effects are taken as subsidiary to the sub-periods of Planets.

(The longest of these periods- Venus is over a period of 6 months 20 days, viz., the sub-sub-period, of the Sub-Period, in the Major Period (Maha Dasa); the shortest sub-sub-period is that of the Sun in its own sub-period and Major period; it lasts only 5 days 9 hours 36 minutes (Say 5 days and 10 hours). Sub-sub-sub-Periods and sub-sub-sub-sub-periods are even of much shorter durations and should be used only when birth time is accurate, and required to time an event especially important or fatality or for rectification of birth time with respect to known events.)

The condition of the sub-sub-Period-Lord must be taken into account, and its relations to the sub-period-Lord property estimated. Its effects may then be accurately known.

A few straightforward rules are necessary in order to bring the above observations into systematic form.

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