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Highlights of the Periods of the Lords of Different Houses Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Let us now consider the effects of the periods of the lords of various houses in the horoscope.

In a birth chart when, the Ascendant possesses maximum strength, the native during the Dasa of its lord, rises to a status of eminence in the world and is happily placed in life. He is physically strong and possesses a charming personality. His prosperity grows with the growing in age like that of the waxing Moon.

If the lord of the Ascendant is badly situated the native will, during the Dasa of that planet be imprisoned. He will lead a life incognito, suffer from fear, disease and mental anxiety, participate in funeral rites, suffer loss of status and other misfortunes.

1st lord. During the Major period of the lord of Lagna who is strong and well placed, the person will rise to eminence, will be happy, be physically strong, and his popularity and influence will increase.
If First lord is weak, badly placed and afflicted, the person will suffer from Bad health, mental anxiety, fear, loss of position, disgrace and misery. He will lead the life of an incognito and may even be imprisoned. The native will have all misfortunes and impediments in his affairs and there will be quarrels in the family. He may have to perform obsequies of his relatives.

Lord of Ascendant Period effects (period classics)

(The Events during the Period of the Lord of the First Bhava)

1) If the lord of the Birth Lagna (i.e. the Birth Ascendant Lord or simply Lord of Ascendant) has the eight kinds of strength referred to as eight benefic factors earlier, will, during his Period, produce enduring authoritative powers, grace and fortune, reputation, health, wealth, happiness, authority and influence to the Native; and the Native will also be honoured and revered by his relatives and members of his family. The Native will have all these good effects, increasing slowly just like waxing Moon.

2) If the Lord of Ascendant, devoid of strength, is posited in an inimical rasi or in his debilitation rasi, or is in heliacal setting, the Native will during his Period, be an unknown or insignificant person and poor servant or labourer: he will be wicked, powerless, vicious, and worried in his mind with many cares and anxieties. If this planet is in the twelfth Amsa from the Lagnamsa (i.e. in the twelfth rasi in the Navamsa chart from the Lagna in the Navamsa chart), the native will be always moving from place to place. During the sub-period of this planet the Native will be dirty, indecent, unhappy, penurious and beggar.

3) If the Lord of Ascendant is posited in the second bhava in conjunction with the lord of the second bhava, the Native will, during the Period of the Lord of Ascendant, acquire much, wealth, will have rich and delicious food and drink served to him in gold and silver plates and cups. If the planet that is in combination with the Lord of Ascendant, is Jupiter, gold vessels are indicated, if it is Venus, silver vessel is indicated; and if it is any other planet, the vessel will be made of a metal that is ruled over by the planet. The Native’s family and wealth will prosper. He will be successful in everything. His words will be valued everywhere. He will witness dramas, cinemas and pleasing and captivating shows. Even if the Lord of Ascendant is in conjunction with the lord of second house, if Lord of Ascendant is situate in the sixth, eighth and twelfth rasi from the Dhanamsa, (i.e. the lord of second house Amsa), that is if the Lord of Ascendant is in the Navamsa chart in the sixth, eighth or twelfth rasi from the rasi in the Navamsa chart itself occupied by the Dhanathipathi, (the lord of second house) all the effects referred to above will be reversed during the Period of the Lord of Ascendant; the Native will then have a very little gain; he will sometimes lose the chance of having gain and he will have happiness sometimes and unhappiness at other times or both mixed up together.

Note: While giving hereafter the Phala or effects of the Period of the lord of a particular bhava or house occupying any other bhava, the author always takes the lord of the other bhava to be in his bhava itself along with the lord of that particular bhava.

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