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Business or Service: Promotion When?

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Business or service: Service is indicated by houses 2, 6 and 10 and the significators must be in the sub of the planets occupying fixed signs, because planets in movable signs indicate change in one’s career, i.e. one leaves in institution and takes up another, planets in common sign show that the native will have a temporary transfer or be transferred to another department, by the services being lent and having a lien in the parent department, planets in fixed sign show that person will continue to serve during the period of those planets occupying the sub of the planets in fixed signs.

Promotion: For promotion in service one has to judge houses 2, 6, 10 and 11.

Failure in Business!

Jupiter Dasa 1 year 4 months 17 days.

Those who follow the text books can give prediction for and against. Because the slokas found are not uniform. One contradicts the other. One says Rajayoga. The other denies.

Venus and Saturn are bosom friends. They are conjoined together in the Kona sign. Venus is the only Rajayoga adhipathi. So it must bring fortune.

In other words from Uttrakalamrita if Venus or Saturn happen to produce Rajayoga, if either is strong by occupying either exalted sign or own or Vargotham amsa one must beg alms in the street even when one is born very rich. If one quotes this sloka, another person born with the conjunction or aspect among Venus and Saturn and birth ascendant, Capricorn, Makara, denies it, saying that he minted money during Venus Dasa. In his horoscope, Venus and Saturn are in the same Taurus. Also he adds, it is only for the mutual Dasa and Bhukti of Saturn and Venus, Kalidasa has told that own house and exaltation sign are undesirable and it is not applicable to other bhuktis in Venus Dasa. In my case, even that failed. Some others will say that.

(a) Lord of 1 and 2 in 5 is beneficial.

(b) Lord of 5 and 10 in 5 is advantageous.

(c) Lords of 2 and 10 Conjunction is favourable.

(d) Lords of 2 and 5 conjunction is lucky and so on.

Planets in their Dasa can bring  forth the matters signified by the lord of the constellation by its occupation and ownership. While such matters are included in the portfolio of the Dasa lord then favourable or unfavourable results in those matters depend on the sub lord. The above two rules are universal.

Venus is in Rohini. It is ruled by Moon. Moon is in the 10th bhava. (house sign). Therefore, it denotes Profession. Hence planets in Rohini Hastham and Sravanam planets in Rohini Hastham and Sravanam governed by Moon indicate maters connected with profession.

Whether one is successful or one is a thorough failure is shown by the lord who governs the `sub’ division occupied by the Dasa lord. Venus is in the sub of Rahu. Rahu is not conjoined with any planet nor aspected by any planet. It is in the second Bhava (3rd house). It also represents lord of Pisces who owns Sagittarius also. 3rd cusp falls in Pisces. 12th cusp is in Sagittarius. Therefore Rahu indicates the matters of 2, 3 and 12 houses. Whenever an evil planet is connected with the matters of the houses 2 and 12 and it is evil, then it causes loss. It is detrimental. Hence Venus in the constellation of Moon in 10th Bhava and in the sub of Rahu denoting 3 and 12 house matters will cause damage, bring out changes and spoil one’s career. That is why you had been losing after Venus Dasa started and the balance was nil from Venus Dasa Moon Bhukti Rahu Antara.

In this connection, I would like to say –

(a) All those born in Capricorn having Venus and Saturn in Vrishabha will not become bankrupts.

(b) All those born in Capricorn having Venus and Saturn in Vrishabha cannot become multi-millionaires.

Whether one will lose or gain is to be judged from the lord of the constellation and sub lord. Venus can be in Sun’s star Karthik, or Moon’s Rohini constellation or Mars asterism Mrigasira. Depending on the house occupied by Sun, one is to judge what results Venus can give to him. The sub lord will show whether such will be favourable or unfavourable (Venus in Sun’s constellation). Depending on the house occupied by Moon one is to judge what results Venus in Moon’s constellation indicate and whether the matter will materialize and be helpful or whether one will be disappointed is to be read from the lord who rules the sub.

So also depending on Mars’ occupation, note the portfolio of Venus in Mars constellation. Good or bad depends on the position of the Sublord. (Imagine that there is water in a reservoir which is shown by the lord of the Constellation). Also, imagine that there are nine taps attached to the reservoir. Beneficial sub lords show that their taps are clean and they allow the water to flow. Unfavourable sub lords tighten the tap and block the flow of water. Thus you have to judge.

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