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Being a Partner in Business?

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Sun Dasa balance 2 years 4 months 3 days.

For business, one has to judge the houses 2, 6 and 10. For partnership judge houses 7 and 11.

Rahu is in the second bhava. No planet is in its star. So Rahu is very strong. 6th house is vacant: 10th remains unoccupied. Lord of 2 is Saturn: No planet is in its star. Lord of 6 is Mercury: Rahu is in Revathi ruled by Mercury. Lord of 10 is Venus: Saturn alone is under the sway of Venus and it is in Poorva-palguni.

Hence Rahu, Saturn and Mercury indicate the business. During Rahu Dasa, Saturn Bhukti, Mercury Anthara, you will be taken as a partner i.e., in January 1975.

One should never link his or her fortune with another in business, if Saturn is in the 7th. Still worse, if Neptune is in the 7th cusp. If Saturn or Neptune happen to be in the 7th cusp, then all the hard labour and gains through the influence and efforts of the person will be enjoyed by the partner who gains experience to cheat him; the partner knows no law; but he will be unscrupulous, silly and swindling. Luckily there is neither Saturn nor the dangerous Neptune.

Lord of 11 Mars is in the constellation of lord of 7 and is also conjoined with lord of 7. Therefore, whomsoever you select as a partner or whomsoever takes you as a partner will have permanent tie with you and it will be profitable.

Planets in the constellation of lord of 6 and sub of 2 or 6 or 10 or 11 will arrange to have the share of profit in time. Because 7th house shows partner. Therefore 6th house denotes the issue of cheque by the partner. 2, 6, 10 and 11 houses denote the receipt of cheques by the natives. Luckily, you will have such business in Rahu Dasa. Rahu is tenanted in Revathi star ruled by Mercury who is lord of 6. Hence you will earn as a partner in business and the partner will be reliable.

10th house also may be judged whether the partner in business will be reliable and sincere. Because in Jataka Tatwa, Mahadeva has said that malefics in 4 makes one insincere. As 7th house denotes partner and the 4th there from is the 10th house, the meridian denotes whether the partner will be reliable or not.

If there are more than one partner how to judge who will be reliable and who will misbehave?

Only those who are connected, in any manner, with houses 7 and 11 can become partners. If they have connection with lord of 12, then there will be undesirable partner also. If the ruling planets of the partners are not connected with 12th house, then those partners are reliable. But if the ruling planets of the partners are those planets connected with your 12th house, then they will be your secret enemy or those who bring about loss or those who are unreliable. Hence, you have to make a choice. Your 12th bhava is Sagittarius. It is occupied by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and owned by Jupiter. Therefore, do not join with people born in Arudhra star, Punarvasu star and Revathi star. Also avoid Gemini and Pisces borns. The most favourable ones are Dhanishta and Anuradha.

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