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Some Astrological Aspects of Crime Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

During Mercury’s sub-period in Jupiter he liquidated his brothers. Both Jupiter and Mercury are in the constellations of Rahu. During the sub period of the Sun his father died. Malefics are powerful in Kendras (angles) and even benefics are in malefic constellation. This is a case of Rakshasa Yoga. He killed his brothers and their sons, the Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur, and Sambhaji.

The 3rd chart is that of N.V. Godse who committed only one murder in his life, and that was the greatest crime. The 5th house is aspected by debilitated Saturn, and so are Lagna and Mars. The lord of the 3rd is with Rahu in the 12th, hemmed between malefic. The 5th lord is aspected by malefic Jupiter who in turn is aspected by Mars. Lagna and Mars are on the same degree and in the constellation of Rahu. Lagna lord is with Rahu. Jupiter’s aspect on Rahu mde him a fanatic all the more. Lagna and the lord of Lagna are badly afflicted by three great malefic. The Sun being in the 9th from the Moon indicates mental perversion. Even Jupiter and the Moon in the 4th could not be of any help because of the aspect of Mars. It was in Saturn’s sub-period of Jupiter he committed the crime. Saturn being in Ayudha Drekkana, he was hanged to death. Mars is the lord of the 6th and Saturn of the 8th, and both afflict Lagna. Jupiter is on the sensitive degree.
Let us now take up some instance of notorious criminals. The fourth chart is that of Walter Horsford who was born on 2.3.1871.

He poisoned many and was exalted on 28.6.1898. Here Lagna is afflicted by retrograde Mars (lord of the 2nd and the 9th) and malefic Venus, the lord of the 3rd. The 5th lord is with Rahu and is aspected by Saturn who also aspects Mars. The mutual aspects of Mars and Saturn are significant. His execution is explained by the mutual aspects of Mars and Venus. Lagna has no benefic aspect. One of the luminaries is also badly afflicted. Jupiter occupies a sensitive degree. Sun is in Rahu’s constellation.

A curious example is given by the fifth chart of a male born on 26.11.1947 with a balance of Venus for four years. The 4th house shows a conjunction of Mars and Saturn, lords of the 7th, the 9th, the 10th and the 12th, Mars aspects the malefic in the 7th, and Saturn afflicts the lord of the 5th house. The lord of Lagna is in the 8th with the lord of the 3rd. Mars is the lord of the 7th and has exchanged the house with the lord of the 4th. It is not at all surprising that he stabbed a girl because of which he was imprisoned on 15.2.1972. It all happened in the sub-period of Mercury in Mars’ major period. Lagna, Rahu, Ketu and the Moon have sensitive degrees.

Consider Chart 6 which is that of Schauman born on 10.5.1875. He killed the Finnish Governor and also himself on 6.6.1904. In all criminal cases, the 3rd, the 5th and the 9th houses are to be considered along with Mars and Saturn. Here the 3rd house is afflicted by the aspect of Mars who is in the 8th. The lord of the 5th is in the 12th combust aspected by Saturn indirectly. The 9th lord receives an affliction from Jupiter. It is not surprising that the crime took place in the Moon’s sub period of Mercury. The lord of Lagna is with Rahu in close conjunction on a sensitive degree, receiving an afflicting aspect from Mars, while Mercury is in the constellation of the Sun aspected by Saturn from the constellation of Mars.

The seventh chart again takes us to Taurus Lagna. The lady was born on 30.8.1879. Lagna is afflicted by Mars, lord of the 7th and the 12th, and by Saturn who is retrograde. The lord of the 3rd is with malefic Jupiter. The 5th lord is retrograde and is aspected by malefic Mars, Jupiter and the Moon. The 5th shows the lord of lagna debilitated and aspected by retrograde Saturn. Saturn is the lord of the 9th and Mercury of the 2nd, while Jupiter is Dhanakaraka. She poisoned her grand mother, brother and husband only to obtain insurance money. Selfishness, cruelty, and arrogance are revealed by malefic Mars and Saturn afflicted on Lagna. The lower mind is shown by the disposition of Ketu. Mars is in a sensitive degrees and so are Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon.

The eighth chart is interesting for many reasons. The native was born on 24-12-1906. Mercury and Saturn occupy sensitive degrees. The 3rd house is aspected by the fickle Moon. The 5th has Mercury aspected by Saturn. Lagna is afflicting by Rahu. The 7th lord is in the 8th and the 7th is aspected by Mars. Jupiter’s aspect on Mars is normally good, but here he is in the malefic 12th. The 5th showing Mercury and Venus accentuates the problem. The native shot his wife and then himself.
The above charts reveal some common characteristics.

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